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Shared Micromobility Pilot Study
The City of Grand Junction is considering a Pilot Study to evaluate the role of Shared Micromobility in helping the City reach its mobility goals as laid out in the 2020 One Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan, and to evaluate the impact of shared e-scooters and e-bikes on mobility, quality of life, emergency services, and infrastructure.
Project Overview
The City of Grand Junction plans to launch the Shared Micromobility Pilot Study in Fall 2022. Shared micromobility refers to a system of either docked or dockless vehicles that are part of a shared fleet and that are available to multiple users for short-term rental. Users can locate, reserve, and unlock devices for use and pay for and conclude trips via a smartphone application on their personal mobile device. 

The goal of this pilot study is to assess the performance of this emerging transportation mode, and to monitor and regulate the private operation of shared micromobility in the City. The City will solicit up to three companies through the Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Operators who are selected for the pilot study will be required to provide dedicated parking and to share data with the City via a third-party data aggregator. The pilot study will have a one-year performance period and will be governed by a Pilot Agreement.
Daniella Acosta
Senior Planner
Proposed E-Scooter & Shared Micromobility Device Ordinance ( 1.89 MB )
Staff Report ( 0.18 MB )
Wed, Jun 15, 2022
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Wed, Jul 20, 2022
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Mike Gazdak
∙ Jul 15, 2022 ∙ 2:27pm
A person is risking their life riding a bicycle, scooter or other forms of similar transportation on streets in the City of Grand Junction these days. Motorists are not not bike-friendly in Grand Junction. The area around Horizon Drive is particulary dangerous with the double roundabouts. It's even dangerous riding on the sidewalks with all the "traffic laws are optional" idiots driving on the road.
william ferguson
∙ Jul 2, 2022 ∙ 2:44pm
Its great to hear GJ is finally getting onboard with micromobility. I have a house near CMU just off North Ave for 2 a rental...and I have lived the past 8 years in the San Francisco Bay area so I am familiar. And this is just what the city center of Grand Junction needs to allow the increasing number of people to get around town with out jumping into a car...and adding to the traffic. Just count the number of single people in full size cars running up and down North Ave and you will see a problem that can be solved with more access to scooters and Ebikes..and dont forget E-Skateboards...another primary form of transportation. The city of GJ needs to mature...and change the dynamic of North Ave.. Its a hold over from a time when the city was much smaller and was primarily a way to get across town...that should change as well. 1st to 29th should be more of a livable street and not just a cut thru expressway. . Lowering the speed limit to 30mph on North and also 12th and a marking shared lanes so people using bikes and scooters can get around mid-town as efficiently as possible and be apart of the traffic to make it work. Electric Scooters, skateboards and bike users should be a part of the traffic. But the traffic needs to be slowed down for this to happen. I see a proposal to slow the scooters down...and nothing said about traffic speeds being slowed down and high density populated areas near the CMU. I imagine GJ will miss the mark again, like Ive seen in the past..and attempt to regulate the transportation by placing E traffic on sidewalks and secondary roads...which completely misses the mark on what micromobilty is solving.... which is getting places efficiently as possible while reducing the number of cars on the road.
Ted Moorman
∙ Jul 1, 2022 ∙ 10:49am
Scooter rentals are a terrible idea for Grand Junction. I’ve spent a lot of time in Austin and San Francisco, two cities that are overrun with scooters. In many parts of these cities, you have to navigate around piles of them on the sidewalks and alleys. People zip along pedestrian and traffic ways, often at unsafe speeds. No one wears a helmet. Emergency room staff will tell you that they see a huge number of injuries, often from intoxicated people at night. Those two cities have laws governing use that are unenforceable due to the sheer volume of transgressors. No matter what promises are made, we who live in GJ will be sorry if scooter rentals come here.
Cynthia Reed
∙ Jun 29, 2022 ∙ 1:00pm
I'm probably less likely to come downtown if scooters and other type of mobility rentals are allowed. My fear is being injured from an encounter with an out of control user. I volunteer at the CO Welcome Center in Fruita and often suggest Art on the Corner to visitors but may have to caution them about lingering at the art works if the scooters are zooming around.
Emilie Smith
∙ Jun 28, 2022 ∙ 2:15pm
I do not feel the city of Grand Junction has the appropriate infrastructure to accommodate for e-scooters. Outside of the Riverfront trail, connectivity from area to area within city limits is not consistent. There is also concern to not only microtransportationists but to pedestrians as well with the introduction of e-scooters along sidewalks and roadways that can hardly appropriately accommodate motorized wheelchairs. If this initiative does move forward, at minimum I believe safety equipment stations (like the river life jacket program) should be present and frequent.
Pete Firmin
∙ Jun 16, 2022 ∙ 5:49pm
The Riverfront trail system is multi-jurisdictional. I manage James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park including trails within Connected Lakes, Fruita, and 29 Rd to 32 Rd. I'm on the listening session on June 16, 2022. I need to confirm that the geo-fencing is sufficient to prohibit use of CPW sections of Riverfront trail. Vendors would need to work with CPW separately. This may also lead to some misunderstanding of riverfront trail use and what motorized use is and is not appropriate.