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Community Recreation Center
The Community Recreation Center planning process has resumed with several public meetings about a potential Community Recreation Center (CRC). A CRC was identified as the top priority in the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan (PROS).
Project Overview
The CRC planning process has been guided by numerous surveys, focus groups, and meetings over the years, and it is imperative this continues as the CRC plan evolves. As such, the City is hopeful you can attend the workshop and share your perspective. 

Thank you for your continued interest and input in the potential Grand Junction Community Recreation Center. In the City's ongoing effort to engage and inform the community, the City is continuing to move forward with public participation and welcomes you and your direct input at upcoming public workshops.
Community Recreation Center Presentation - September 20, 2022
Ken Sherbenou
Parks & Recreation Director
Community Recreation Center Feasibility Study Presentation - September 20, 2022 ( 7.69 MB )
Community Recreation Center Funding Presentation - July 19, 2022 ( 2.66 MB )
Community Recreation Center Public Meeting Presentation - June 14, 2022 ( 3.34 MB )
Grand Junction Community Survey Final Results ( 2.22 MB )
Update Tue, Jun 14, 2022
Phase 1 Overview

Community Recreation Center Public Workshop - June 14, 2022

The Community Recreation Center Feasibility Study Presentation was given during a public workshop on June 14, 2022, which followed a series of focus groups earlier in the day. A statistically valid survey was conducted in February 2022 by professors from Colorado Mesa University. This indicated support for a CRC. The survey, described in the above presentation, is now driving the evolving plan. The focus groups and workshops are also critical to informing and strengthening the CRC plan.

In this presentation, there were three site options to consider.

  • Option 1: Community Recreation Center at Matchett Park
  • Option 2: Community Recreation Center at Lincoln Park on the existing footprint of the outdoor pool
  • Option 3: Hybrid - Slightly smaller Community Recreation Center at Matchett Park with modernization and renovation of the Lincoln Park-Moyer Pool. 
Update Mon, Jul 18, 2022
Community Recreation Center Presentation - July 18, 2022
Video presentation given at the July 19, 2022 public workshop.
Update Tue, Jul 19, 2022
Public Workshop
Community Recreation Center Public Workshop - July 19, 2022
The City invites you to attend a Public Workshop on Tuesday, July 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Lincoln Park Barn. This Public Workshop will focus the discussion on evaluating specific building programs and amenities.

Concept Design: Facility Layout, Funding Opportunities
Building Program: Pool Options, Gymnasium, Walking Track, Fitness Equipment
Update Wed, Jul 20, 2022
Project Update


The Community Recreation Center (CRC) planning process is divided into three distinct phases or work sessions. Phase 1 focused on site location, Phase 2 focused on funding and building program, and Phase 3 is focusing on a complete preliminary plan. 

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) is included in analyzing the public information received along with numerous other data points and public engagement. This process is being driven by the community so the resultant plan is the community’s plan. After Phase 1, and after reviewing all the public input, PRAB made a unanimous recommendation to City Council to pursue Matchett Park as the location for the potential Community Recreation Center (CRC). City Council then approved Matchett Park as the potential location. 

Phase 2 Review: Funding Sources and Facility Components

For Phase 2, the Community Recreation Center Funding Presentation was provided to City Council and at various work sessions to the PRAB and community on July 18 and 19. Discussion surrounded funding and two building programs, one with a total project cost of $55M at approximately 65,000 square feet in size and the other with a total project cost of $70M at approximately 83,000 square feet in size. Cannabis tax revenue devoted to parks and recreation was approved by voters in April 2021. While substantial, this funding source alone will not cover the cost to build a CRC in Grand Junction and a second funding source is needed. A survey conducted by professors from Colorado Mesa University in early 2022 revealed majority support for any one of three potential second funding sources:

  • 67% definite or probable support for a 0.15% sales tax;
  • 69% for a 3 mill increase (property tax); 
  • 79% supported a tax on nicotine products

Given this, the second Public Workshop focused on drilling further down on this result. The workshop also described the two possible different building programs include the highest needs based on the CRC survey. The primary difference is the size and extent of each component. For example, both have leisure pools, fitness/weights and gym space. The larger version would have larger visions of these and additional components.  

The $55M option could be funded in one of three ways:

  • Cannabis revenue already secured + 0.1% sales tax increase
  • Cannabis revenue already secured + 2 mill property tax increase
  • Cannabis revenue already secured + $2 per pack tax on cigarettes plus a nicotine tax on all other products such as vaping, chew and cigars

The $70M option could be funded in one of three ways:

  • Cannabis revenue already secured + 0.15% sales tax increase
  • Cannabis revenue already secured + 3 mill property tax increase
  • Cannabis revenue already secured + $3 per pack tax on cigarettes plus a nicotine tax on all other products such as vaping, chew and cigars

Comments submitted via GJSpeaks will be shared with PRAB to assist in formulating their recommendation to City Council.

Upcoming Work Session

Phase 3 work sessions will be held on September 19 and 20. This portion of the planning will focus on the presentation of a Preliminary Community Recreation Center Plan.

The third Public Workshop will be held on September 20 at 6 p.m. at Faith Heights Church, 600 28 1/4 Road. Community members are invited to attend and provide feedback on the Plan. Thank you for your engagement!
Update Thu, Sep 22, 2022
Phase 3 Review: Preliminary Concept Design - September 2022
In Phase 3, the Preliminary Concept Design presentation was shown during various focus group meetings, to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB), and to the community on September 19 and 20. This presentation merged all elements from the previous phases including location and funding sources to offer a complete "picture" of the proposed Community Recreation Center concept design. The Concept Design includes renderings and images so community members can understand and visualize themselves and their families in a possible Grand Junction CRC. The building concept incorporates design threads taken directly from public input from previous work sessions. It also includes operations components such as staffing, cost recovery, fees for admission, and hours of operation, among other elements. Community members are encouraged to view the entire presentation to fully understand the current plan and to then provide comments on GJspeaks to be included in the final plan report coming in November. These comments with be shared with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to inform these deliberations on the near-complete plan. Providing comments also ensures the community continues to drive the plan for what would be the community’s Recreation Center.
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Charles Jones
∙ Oct 3, 2022 ∙ 1:30pm
NOT IN MY BACKYARD. NO MORE INCREASE IN TAXES OF ANY FORM OR KIND. Leave Machett Park as a nature park with all the wildlife and trails.
Gene Benson
∙ Oct 3, 2022 ∙ 9:28am
I love the multi-use design for the indoor courts. Hopefully, you can come up with some outdoor pickleball courts.
Jeremy Plantinga
∙ Oct 2, 2022 ∙ 8:09am
The design of the building looks very nice and modern, have you considered using bifacial solar panels to make up the canopy structure over the entrance? From the presentation it appears utilities will be about 10% of the operating budget and by combining solar with heat pumps for space and water heating the long term utility cost can be reduced and insulated from natural gas market price fluctuations. Another consideration would be solar canopies over the parking lot similar to the VA hospital, and several level 2 EV chargers. The IRA bill may have provisions for making these types of additions more affordable.
Abby Watson
∙ Sep 30, 2022 ∙ 12:41pm
LOVE the design and consideration of what makes Grand Junction so great. I am a group fitness instructor with a particular interest in bringing affordable, accessible exercise opportunities to parents with young children who find it hard to find time to exercise. I currently teach an 8:00 PM class at the Fruita Community Center which is geared toward anyone who needs a spouse at home in order to leave for exercise. It's really not that uncommon for there to be a group exercise option at 8 or 8:30 pm and I would recommend perhaps adjusting your hours to include one or more nights that are opened later. Daytime fitness classes could also appeal to parents with children, though childcare can add an expense that may not work for some, AND it's just hard to work around naps etc. Utilizing those night-time hours for group fitness may pull in that middle-aged demographic: not seniors and not children.
summer weisel
∙ Sep 28, 2022 ∙ 10:14am
I have ms & the only safe excersize I can do is swim. I love swimming at the aquatic center in Montrose ... but it's kind of far!
Ed Roffey
∙ Sep 28, 2022 ∙ 8:38am
Please consider adding pickleball to the rec center both indoor and outdoor courts. Pickleball experienced a 29% growth nationally two years ago and a 40% growth nationally last year! It’s not expected to slow down any time soon. Here in Grand Junction, While it’s wonderful to socialize with so many new friends at the Pickleball courts we currently have, the wait times to get on a court are getting longer and longer! Help!!
william ferguson
∙ Sep 22, 2022 ∙ 10:30am
Rec center is not needed, not wanted....the cannabis tax for the Parks should be used to maintain the crumbling park we currently have...not as a funding point to kick off the development of Matchette Park. The entre push behind this needs to be shut down.... we are surrounded by recreational opportunities, we dont need to place 70 million dollars of debt on the backs of tax payers for the next 30 years. The city sold Burkey park which is now a vacant lot owned by out of town investors. The economy is crashing into a recession and this sales pitch from special interest focused on making a buck off building this rec center on the backs of tax payers is what needs to stop.... it was bad idea in 2014 and its still a bad idea... the entire are is full of recreation....thats why a rec center is not needed and not wanted. The sales pitch given in the video is so typical of used car sales man. I hope you pick up on the amount of bull this dude is spewing.
Gene Benson
∙ Sep 22, 2022 ∙ 9:39am
What no pickleball courts. I guess ill have to wait until the next iteration when you listen to the public to vote for it and i wanted to so badly.
Mary Stolle
∙ Sep 21, 2022 ∙ 10:27am
I wish there were outdoor Pickleball courts. There isn’t enough in Grand Junction
Shaina Allmer and Manuel Gomez
∙ Jul 22, 2022 ∙ 11:03pm
GJ Community Recreation Center First we would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Shaina Allmer and my Partner is Manuel Gomez. We are longtime residents of the valley and actually were born and raised here in Grand Junction Colorado. So true Natives would be one way to describe us. As children now to adulthood we have seen an unfortunate decline in our once bustling and beautiful city. As a Child and young Adult Manuel remembers businesses such as The Cabret and Chelsie's and we both remember The Rainbow Roller Rink. He was able to go to them all. As a Child I wasn't as financially fortunate as My incredible partner. I was able to go to the pool and the Rink on occasion throughout my childhood. However it was more oftan than not these activities were not things I was able to participate in very frequently due to cost. We are proposing a number of ideas but most importantly we feel it's crucial to make everything affordable, giving all people in the community not just some the opportunity to participate. We feel that certain additions to our GJ community recreation center are beneficial In many ways. The Purpose of our suggestions is to bring more variety ( not just access to outdoors) and options for families in the valley. We propose a recreation center like Fruita's with the pool, skate park, workout facilities, indoor ball courts and senior center, but better!! We propose the additions of pool tables/ possible game room and a skating rink(to double as a dance floor) that are accessible to the patrons. We feel it would be beneficial to also Possibly have an auditorium for plays and live entertainment. Definitely a kitchen for food sales and parties. Are just some of our ideas!! Once the center is built, for the The center to also host Dances and community events, such as movie nights and hosting various classes from educators on different topics like crafts, education etc. The center will help to spruce up and beautify our community that has seen an unfortunate decline especially on North avenue and first street. The center would not just help to bring life and vitality but more revenue to our town, and give the community more options for family friendly activities. The numerous activities in one location also gives families the opportunities to do and have different interests but still be under the same roof, where parents know their children are safe. All these proposed additions and amenities are beneficial in that they offer People a place that they can go and not have to deal with punks or drunks. A place that is safe and where they can spend time individually or with family. There is no place in town available to take your family to enjoy a game of pool or dance that doesn't involve a place that serves alcohol or a bar. To have a place to go to Dance or play pool void of such things as alcohol, and stupidity would be a breath of fresh air . Nobody wants our children or ourselves for that matter around it. This will be a recreation center that will not just benefit the young but the whole community ranging 0-100. These additions will benefit everyone, giving people more choices on types of activities and opportunities for families. Also keeping people safe and out of trouble! Grand junction needs to have family friendly entertainment! We have lots to do outdoors. But it's also sill only available to those that have the ability and financial means to do so. We would respectfully request a follow up. We are interested to see what you think of our ideas Respectfully yours, Shaina Allmer and Manuel Gomez
Ken Heitt
∙ Jul 22, 2022 ∙ 12:39pm
A community rec center would be nice. However, I would not support a rec center that required taxpayer support. Mesa fitness has great facilities and they don't get taxpayer support.
Kate McPhail
∙ Jul 22, 2022 ∙ 11:58am
I love that this idea is continuing to be looked at. I think it is critical for our community to have access to a place where families can do more for their health. I also think we are in need of something like this (for quite some time now) for our kids of this community to be able to be a part of and would definitely add to a healthy outlet for children and adolescents especially! I think the space at Matchett Park would be a perfect place for this to happen. I would love to see a variety of activities. Montrose's rec center is wonderful! Plenty of space for basketball courts (4 or 5 if not 6, I believe), rock climbing wall, racquet courts, pool tables, walking path, etc. The extra additions and activities matter to making this a GREAT rec center. There is no where in town now that offers rollerskating or rollerblading which another neat option. There needs to be options for people and activities that appeal to our youth. I feel like the Fruita Rec Center, doesn't offer much extra for youth other than basketball courts and swimming. This is about investing in our youth and the overall health of our community.
Rex Howell
∙ Jul 22, 2022 ∙ 10:33am
I will not support a new CRC as long as the winter cows are no longer welcome at Matchett Park to graze through the winter, period.
Angie MacKinnon
∙ Jul 22, 2022 ∙ 9:44am
GJ absolutely needs a rec center. But funding needs to be done responsibly. Leave the property taxes, mill levies, ect out. Those should be for schools, EMS, and the like. The longer the City takes to get marajuana dispensaries up and going is lost tax revenue. Stop dragging your feet and make it happen! Those funds can absolutely support the building of and maintenance of this rec center. As well as tax revenue from nicotine purchases. It’s beyond time for GJ to emerge from the 1980’s!!!
M Collins
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 4:25pm
Any CRC should be built and operationally funded fully by Membership Dues and User FEES ONLY! No more TAX increases. If DUES and FEES can't cover all the cost – DON’T BUILD A CRC. There are plenty of activities for all in the GV and plenty of private athletic clubs and public venues to cover indoor exercise classes, swimming, training, various sports, etc. We don't need to burden everyone with more TAXES for the less than 20% of the community that will use CRC on a regular basis. City TAXES are up over 30% in the last 5 years (sales tax, property tax, elimination of TABOR) - when will it STOP!! The city has been pushing the idea of a CRC for years and can’t get support for it, let it go!
Karen Milbank
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 3:53pm
Would a commercial or catering kitchen and event space/patio to accommodate conferences, workshops, concerts, non-profit fundraisers, weddings, proms, memorials, etc., be cost-effective or income generating? The Matchett site is scenic and would lend itself to picturesque events. It could be managed through approved and licensed vendors for rentals, set-up, and catering.
Caroline Dohm
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 3:15pm
I'm enjoying reading all the great points people are making so far in these comments. I agree that the Matchett Park location gives the most growth option, space and accessibility for car traffic. Building the larger option from the outset seems most prudent, not only for long term construction costs but also to optimize the public's experiences for longer into the future (not outgrowing the space sooner, as someone mentioned about the Fruita RC). Using multiple sources such as the marijuana and nicotine tax plus sales tax (which everyone including tourists get to pay) seems worthy and personally I like not having further property tax increases. Having a robust offering of activities seems a priority, rather than simply a pool and exercise room. I think the past efforts for a RC felt a threat to the private gyms as directly competing with them. By now, hopefully the message has been emphasized that a RC is not just a pool and workout gym, but truly a community gathering place, with a track, basketball and racquetball courts, childcare, game rooms for all ages, meeting rooms, casual gathering spaces, playgrounds, climbing wall, outdoor fields and so on. I want to highlight as well that our youth, our teens, could benefit from such a complex. It's exciting to imagine the possibilities and ongoing development of programming over time.
Mariann Taigman
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 3:07pm
I will not be able to make it to the next meeting for the potential rec center so thank you Ken, for allowing online comments. I would love to see GJ finally have a nice rec center that everyone can afford to enjoy. I hope this will be a stand alone ballot measure this time. In my humble opinion, the main thing that needs to be considered is that the cost of services be affordable to all community members. I realize that funding is always the concern for things like this; however the city has excess Covid funds right now, don't they? Does our local government have a general tax fund that could be accessed? I know in some areas, there are other funds that are used to fund rec centers and that user fees help pay for it as well. You could charge more for non-locals too. What about accessing taxes collected for marijuana sales? It's time to think outside of the box :-). If you had pickleball courts, you could host tournaments which would be another revenue source. How about partnering with the hospitals or other big businesses in town? You could also have a shop that could sell small packaged snacks, water and sports attire. A coffee shop could bring in more revenue! You could rent pickleball equipment too. I feel that swimming pools are a priority for the new rec center and especially an indoor/outdoor pool. A gymnasium for a variety of sports would be wonderful as well with the ability to create indoor pickleball courts during the winter. At the Delta Rec Center, they have different colored taped lines on the floor of their gymnasium. Good lighting and high ceilings would also be a plus for the gymnasium. Outdoor pickleball courts would allow you to have pickleball tournaments with fees helping to pay for the rec center. A walking track would also be great on the top floor if it will be a two story building. An area for pool tables, game tables with a kitchen space (sink, refrigerator, microwave) would be nice for small gatherings. It would be wonderful to also have a craft room for classes. As you know, a community rec center promotes exercise, will aide our local economy, increases property values and gives children and their families an affordable way to recreate in our town, especially for those that can't afford camping equipment, bikes, etc. to explore and recreate outside. Thank you so much and your team for continuing to try to make a community rec center a reality in GJ. Your efforts are commendable!! Sincerely, Mariann Taigman
John Bonner
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 12:43pm
Learn from Fruita's mistake. The Rec Center there is too small. Rooms for exercise classes are overfilled with people wall-to -wall. There's no room to even just get into the classroom for some of the more desirable classes & times. And that's now, & has been the case for years. Imagine how much worse it will be with the future population growth that's predicted. It's a lot cheaper to build larger initially, than to go back & try to add on additional space.
CJ Rix
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 12:19pm
1. Is there any end datewise to the various tax increase options, or will they go on forever? 2. Once the CRC is open for public use, how much will the city charge for someone to use the facility? Will there be different prices for city versus non-city residents? 3. Has this project already been preliminarily approved because there is chain-link fencing surrounding the property at Matchett Park along with a construction trailer parked on the lot? 4. When the CRC is operational, will the fees paid by consumers to use the facility cover necessary expenses, or will the city need to supplement funding on an ongoing basis? 5. Has the city taken into account how a CRC will affect business at local fitness centers?
Bernie Ferrero
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 11:18am
Question: The plan above states the larger version would have additional components. Could you address what those would be specifically? The center will be used by all GJ residents so I think a sales tax increase is the option to use. Thank you!
WR Rice
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 11:08am
I have attended both public meetings and added my input in person when I attended, as requested of attendees. The first public meeting at Lincoln Park highly engaged the public and one could feel the excitement in the room with the possibility of Lincoln Park being the chosen site and many good possibilities and options open for consideration. The second public meeting was much less engaging, as many decisions had been made by City administration prior to the meeting. I was personally very disappointed that Lincoln Park was no longer in the running as a possible rec center site. Not one single word was said about the amount of WATER the new location would require for each of the proposed facilities. Look around at our water resources. Don't the planners feel water might be a critical issue going forward? The chosen site off of Patterson Avenue will need safe and easy access by pedestrians walking and bicycle traffic through urban congested & difficult city traffic flows. Why wasn't this issue covered or explained? Who will pay for this necessary safe access to this location for citizens without private cars? Question: How can the City propose to use tax revenue from nicotine sales to support a health oriented recreation center? Does the City propose next to use revenue from Heroin or Alcohol sales to support drug addiction rehab centers? Finally, if we experience a new downturn in the US economy, BOTH plans and the millions of tax dollars they each require are going to be a very difficult sell to the voting public in the City. However, I'm sure you are aware of this.
Melissa Calkins
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 9:05am
I am in full agreement with the proposal for the Community Recreation Center at Matchett Park. Having lived near Matchett Park for 11 years now (Grand Junction for 30+ years), I've noticed that there seems to be a discrepancy in the level of commitment to our particular community. For example, any improved children's park in our area is overcrowded with families (ranging from infants to seniors), yet none of them have enough parking spaces or surface area to meet demand. Similarly, there are car accidents nearly every day near 29 Road and Patterson, but there has never been any root cause analysis or improvement. (Not to mention that there seems to be a blind race toward having an interstate interchange there). With a mix of low-income, white-collar, and blue-collar individuals, our neighborhoods are growing. A multimillion-dollar refurbishment in a different, older/established location (Lincoln Park) makes no sense given the level of growth in our neighborhood. The original ideas created for this project were pretty accurate in terms of the kind of public recreation that this community needs (walking trails, playground equipment, picnic shelters and shaded areas, a community rec center with a pool and exercise activities, a dog park, etc.). Having said all that, it would be naïve of us to ignore how counterproductive it would be to raise property taxes on top of a growing housing affordability crisis that young families and the elderly are already currently facing. There must be a strong commitment to finding the third-best answer.
Abby Watson
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 8:38am
Sometimes when I go to the Fruita Community Center I feel like they lacked a bit of vision for what the center could be. I don’t want to go to the Grans Junction Community center and think, they could have done so much more. As such, I’m in favor of the bigger facility - I know we’ll need it now and in the future. Although I like the idea of taxing nicotine products for this regime since I never buy nicotine products, I’m concerned about the instability of such a funding source. I would be most in favor of a small sales tax increase which puts the burden of funding equal to all residents. Seeing the difference in the plan being proposed now and the one in 2019 was really helpful for me to see how plans are changing to not require as much taxing. I hope this goes through!
Tara F Lemke
∙ Jul 21, 2022 ∙ 8:36am
I fully agree with Darby Coleman in saying that the larger square footage located at Matchett Park with a combination of Marijuana tax, sales tax, and nicotine tax seems the best way forward. If I had to choose between sales and nicotine, I would choose nicotine as sales is already fairly high but I hope nicotine sales tax is a declining revenue source. I do feel that going with the smaller square footage space would end up being a waste for all the reasons others have cited (overcrowding, lack of facilities available, needing more parks spaces built down the road) and that it would take GJ a very long time to ever do that so it would be better to take the initial hit and have a good space for everyone.
Darby Coleman
∙ Jul 19, 2022 ∙ 9:11pm
I'm in full support of the proposed 83,000 sf rec center in Matchett Park. This area of Grand Junction is severely lacking in walkable and bikeable recreation that supports wellness and a sense of community. Having a larger facility in East Grand Junction would also allow capacity to serve the broader Grand Junction community and balance the recreation options that exist in West and South Grand Junction. Grand Junction is so lacking in this type of facility that I feel it would be a waste of funds to proceed with the smaller sf option. Having a rec center that's so over capacity that no one can truly leverage it will ultimately lead to more money wasted on future, similar initiatives. While I would support any of the funding options on a ballot, my suggestion would be for a sales tax increase or combination of sales and nicotine tax to fund what's remaining after the cannabis funds. I have concerns that a property tax increase would not pass, given how much property values have already increased and the financial burden already placed on families with the current state of the economy. A sales tax increase would be minimal and would leverage tourists and those outside the city limits. I feel it would be easier to message and communicate to generate broad support. Though I'd support the Nicotine tax, I perceive a downward trend in that revenue stream.
Linda A Lynch
∙ Jul 18, 2022 ∙ 10:20am
A good community center addresses the needs of everyone, from Kiddos to Seniors. 1. A floor plan with "wings" of sorts to have rooms available for "rent" for different age groups, that don't overlap. "Quiet" areas. "talking" areas. 2. A large, or several small indoor playgrounds would be absolutely necessary. It's too hot for kids to play on the play grounds outside in the summer. Outside play grounds too. Whoever designs the playgrounds needs to keep the intense heat issue on the front of the design. (No 'black' colored railings etc. All slides need to face directly north). 3. Hand ball/ racquet ball courts would be awesome too. Both inside and out. 4. Assorted Exercise rooms. Rooms available for 'Jazzersize', yoga, pilates, etc. 5. Large rooms to "rent" with attached small kitchens. Maybe rooms that shoot off of a kitchen like a wagon wheel, design. When I quote "rent", I'm thinking that people can "reserve an area", but there shouldn't be a cost involved. Paying to use public facilities, is just not right! We shouldn't have to pay to use covered shade areas in our parks now, either!!!
Gene Benson
∙ Jul 17, 2022 ∙ 9:25am
Please use Matchett Park and please include dedicated bike lanes to get there.
Wes Lowe
∙ Jul 16, 2022 ∙ 7:42am
There are many senior groups that play mahjong and card games once a week or more during the week days that do not have a place that can accommodate them at a rate that fixed income seniors can afford. I recommend that the new facility have several rooms available with chairs, tables and correct game sized playing tables for these type of activities. I also strongly support the comment about parking and the need for senior/handicapped seperate entry/parking area.
Carol Ann Niles
∙ Jul 15, 2022 ∙ 3:55pm
I am a 75 year old Mesa County resident of most of my life and I live 1/2 block outside the 29 Road GJ city limits. So I know I won't have an opportunity to vote on the Community Center but I am VERY thankful to be able to voice an opinion. I have watched other much smaller communities very successfully establish centers: Delta, Montrose, Fruita and I am dumbfounded as to why we don't have a place for people to go to swim, gather together, exercise, etc. that belongs to the city. I drive ALL THE WAY to Fruita to take advantage of the marvelous pool there. I feel welcome at my age -- I would not fit in in other places like I do there. Seniors find their own hours there when the school children are not present, at a time when we can be free to swim without the energy of young children and within the quieter setting of early morning and such. It's a wonderful place and I've been driving down there as long as that center has existed. I would be ecstatic to have a GJ Center at Matchett -- only 1 mile away from my house. Please do everything possible to bring this about. All ages do need it for so many reasons. But for Seniors to have a place all year round to get in shape, to meet with others, etc. would be quite wonderful. At this time, we have pretty much nothing. Carol Ann Niles, born in GJ 1947, away for a few college + years, back in 1977 and raised 3 sons here. I am a Kiefer - my grandchildren are 7th generation here.
Judy M Dyrud
∙ Jul 15, 2022 ∙ 10:11am
Ideal building designs have a separate door near the handicapped parking area so non-disabled people headed to the front door are not as tempted to park there. Please include enough CLOSE handicapped spaces, based partly on your estimated attendance of seniors 65+ at any given time. That estimate is not the same as the number of handicapped people, but if you look at the ages of people exiting handicap-tagged vehicles, it's close enough. Please include in at least one staffer's job description the monitoring of handicapped spaces for violators, especially on weekends and special events. They could broadcast an announcement "Toyota license plate LCD 489 you are in a reserved space, please move your car" somewhat like "Your lights are on" without confronting anyone. I am disabled, often find others have taken all the handicapped spaces, and have never seen any kind of enforcement. Thank you!