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Marijuana Business Regulations
At the December 17, 2020 Joint Workshop with Planning Commission and City Council, officials advised that the Planning Commission consider the array of land-use regulations that may be implemented pertaining to marijuana businesses, subsequent to contemplated voter-approved measures on this subject. Such land-use regulations may include, but are not limited to: limitations on the types of marijuana businesses that may operate in the City; selection of appropriate zone districts for marijuana businesses; development of a numerical limit on marijuana businesses and a mechanism by which to select businesses; spatial buffers among marijuana businesses and between such businesses and other uses; and, use-specific standards for such businesses. Attached are a range of supporting documents to facilitate this discussion, including a recommendation from the the community Marijuana Working Group, sample zoning and buffering maps, previous staff reports, and similar.


Sample Zoning and Buffering Map A ( 1.14 MB )
Memorandum - Ballot Questions Pertaining to Marijuana ( 0.11 MB )
Recommendations of the Marijuana Working Group ( 0.13 MB )
Draft Ballot Language Repealing Referred Measure A (2011) ( 0.08 MB )
Draft Ballot Language Pertaining to Taxation of Marijuana ( 0.07 MB )
Staff Report on Marijuana for July 13, 2020 Joint Workshop ( 0.09 MB )
Staff Report on Marijuana for December 17, 2020 Joint Workshop ( 0.12 MB )
Detailed Marijuana Tax Information - Peer Communities ( 0.12 MB )
American Planning Association Review of Zoning Practices for Marijuana (2016) ( 3.2 MB )
Minutes of Sept 14, 2020 Council Workshop on Marijuana ( 0.12 MB )
Sample Zoning and Buffering Map B ( 1.14 MB )
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