Tiara Rado Open Space Project

This web page serves as a platform to receive public comment on the Tiara Rado Open Space Project. City staff encourages the community to participate virtually by watching the short video below which describes the project. Please utilize the comment box at the bottom of this page to leave comments for City staff to review. Public comment will be collected until September 30.


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As residents of Desert Hills Rd we are opposed to this 100%. We are parents of 6 young kids that use Desert Hills Rd to ride their bikes/scooters, walk dogs and play often. It’s a narrow street with no sidewalk and it dead ends in an area where people requiere a 3 point turn to be able to turn around or drive down our driveway to circle around. At night its an unlit street where motorists have already ended in canal or driven thru wooden fence at end of road. We are very concern about bringing all this extra traffic and people to the neighborhood. Currently we already have issues with trespassers in our property as they think its a nature preserve and trail area. We have a lot of trash left around our property from people partying and believe that it would be open to more of this when it becomes a popular area and people see how secluded we are over here. Of course, of concern is security for residents and all of our children. People that say that it only affects a small amount of people that live on Desert Hills Rd would think differently if people were hiking thru their literal backyard and stopping by to picnic and fish in your pond as your children play in their own yard. We already have had several near altercations with people who refuse to leave our property. This whole area is unfenced and we believe that this would happen more often. Residents of the area already enjoy this beautiful area for walks and sightseeing and there are plenty of public outdoor hiking and trails areas nearby and throughout GJ. Money is better spent making roads safer for bikers, preserving the areas we already have or projects that benefit the broader community (like the person who suggested about Orchard Mesa pool). Wildlife is huge around here and to preserve it, bringing more human encroachment around is doing the opposite. If plan is to move forward regardless; suggestions about having parking lot by expanding Tiara Rado drive range is a safer option. Someone mentioned that there are around 35 spaces that are mostly empty most of the time so if it needs to be expanded by a lot more; it says a lot about the amount of people that’s expected to come to neighborhood. Signage needs to be heavily addressed where trail and park ends (although people don't respect private property signs already posted).
September 30, 2020, 5:55 PM
D L Innis
We live in a nearby neighborhood and we are in favor of this project. The space is a significant wildlife corridor in the area and it is our hope that this will be a critical consideration in the planning and design of the park.
September 30, 2020, 5:00 PM
Mike MacLeod
The main objection to the current layout of the Tiara Rada Open Space Project plan is the placement of the proposed parking lot on the land fronting Desert Hills Rd. This area is toward the end of the road in a quiet neighborhood that does not see a lot of traffic. Desert Hills Rd is a narrow road that does not meet current standards for two-way traffic and does not have sidewalks. Besides motorized traffic, Desert Hills Rd is used by families with children who ride their bicycles as well as those walking with or without their dogs. Any increase in motorized traffic would be detrimental to the current activities of the neighborhoods. The parking lot should be off road with ease of access and be central for all activities as in the driving range and Riggs Hill parking lots. The Tiara Rada Open Space Project plan should strive to locate the parking lot with these parameters and not what their proposed plat is offering. An alternative proposal would be to locate a parking lot off road on property east of the Maintenace shed and north of Desert Hills Rd. This allows for access to the natural open area, nature play or learning area in addition to the start of the proposed trails. The parking lot could become a focal point for directional guidance plus any amenities that are needed for trash collection and restroom facilities. Respectively, Floyd and Maggie Unfred
September 30, 2020, 2:33 PM
Maggie Unfred
After reviewing the proposed use for this area we aren't necessarily in favor of the city moving forward with it. While this type of use is preferred over commercial or residential development, leaving it as a native area is still preferred. Several of the comments previously posted raise some valid concerns. One of the big concerns we have, as well as others who have posted comments, is the negative impact on area wildlife and increased traffic. Accessing Broadway from many of the side roads in this area is dangerous due to limited visibility and traffic traveling above the posted speed limit. This project would certainly increase the hazardous driving conditions. As stated by other comments, wildlife currently uses this area as a safe haven from surrounding development. Increased human activity will have a negative impact on the wildlife's ability to use the area. Should the project be approved we agree with Bob Whitehorne's comments regarding the driving range parking lot and use of the existing trail for public access. This would be a compromise that would provide less of an impact on those that live on Desert Hills Road.
September 30, 2020, 12:37 PM
Rick & Susan Wise
We are residents of Desert Hills Rd & are in favor of a natural wildlife park. We find it difficult to comment constructively on this project without a detailed definitive plan. A little over a year ago this property was being considered for residential development & the majority of the people wanted the property to be rezoned & developed as a park/wildlife preserve. From the general outline of the proposal, we would like to see the parking area moved up to the existing parking & maintenance area. This area has utilities to provide for lighting. Hopefully this will lessen drinking, trashing & other undesirable activity in the after hours. The existing gate could be closed at night to help deter unwanted destruction of the facilities. It would also require the clean up of the dumping sites around the maintenance shed & area. This could be utilized as a learning center without impacting any more property than necessary. Many people are already using this area as a starting point for walking & observing wild life and it would be an excellent area to tie into existing & new trails. This would minimize the adverse effect on the preservation of existing wildlife. If this should proceed, and a detailed plan is generated, we would like to comment further. Tom & Janet Abbott
September 30, 2020, 10:06 AM
Tom Abbott
I agree with Bob Whitehorne regarding parking at the Tiara Rado driving range and starting the trail there rather than Desert Hills. Respectfully submitted
September 29, 2020, 8:46 PM
Naomi Smith
Having a safe place to walk in this area is a huge need for a long time.The area would benefit from this project as long as the wildlife are not disturbed, they too also have nowhere to run but right into SO Broadway and that is a problem for deer and motorists already. Overall,a very good use of some CARES money. Harold and Vicki Alsin
September 29, 2020, 5:34 PM
Vicki Alsin
We are100 percent with the city on this remaining a natural area. We are also 100 percent in agreement that the parking/access to the trails should be at the driving range, and not along Desert Hills Rd. Perhaps the city maintenance shed could be converted to an "entrance" to the trails, with a conservation center, displaying the many animals, birds & wildlife visitors will see along the trails. I'm sure there are many in the Redlands community that would like to volunteer & perhaps have a donation location for the upkeep. We would like to see the Division of Wildlife along with the Audubon Society become a part of this venture, as there are many bird watchers in our area. Thank you for allowing us our input, we would be more than happy to visit with you & help however we can on this project. Mike & Karen Anton Desert Hills Rd Residents
September 29, 2020, 1:25 PM
Michael P Anton
When is the city going to finish the sidewalk between Fairway Villas and Tiara Rado golf course? When it was being put in I was told that it would be completed last year when the irrigation water was turned off. But, it wasn't. Why start a new project when an old one isn't complete?
September 29, 2020, 12:12 PM
katie hill
My husband and I live in the nearby Fairway Villas subdivision. I am a birdwatcher and would love to have walking access to that area via just a few natural trails. Even though we are fortunate enough to have access to the Monument through the Seasons subdivision, there are actually few opportunities walk on sidewalks or easy trails from our home without crossing the golf course or walking alongside scary South Broadway. But I am concerned that the area remain as natural as possible for the wildlife. If the project proceeds, please remove as few trees as possible. Survey the area first for active nesting areas. Leave dead trees which provide insects for birds and cavities for nesters. Leave piles of dead brush for shelter. Consult with wildlife experts in the design and placement of the trail. Nix the ideas of a natural playground or amphitheater. And I think it was a great suggestion to expand the driving range parking lot and start trails there rather than off of Desert Hills. Though I think the trail would be well-used, I don't think there would be large numbers using it any one time leading to much increased traffic. I would be willing to coordinate a committee of neighbors to periodically patrol and pick up trash on the property, similar to how the local Audubon Society chapter cleans up trash on the Audubon Trail. All that said, I do share Allison's concerns about the use of CARES funds for this project. It seems to me those funds might be better used in one of the lower income parts of our city, or for the Orchard Mesa pool or something. And I think a priority for our area is to expand an off-road bike/pedestrian trail from South Camp Road along South Broadway, a project that would benefit a great number of people, including schoolchildren.
September 29, 2020, 12:07 PM
Brenda Sabo
First and foremost I feel that the placement of the proposed parking lot 2/3 of the way down Desert Hills on the North side is absolutely in the wrong place. The current proposed parking lot is right off the pavement and placed into the forest where multiple animals reside. This would cause undue stress on the animals as this would encroach into there habitat. I think a better approach wild be to expand the current parking lot at the Driving Range since it already has portable toilets and most the infrastructure is in place including a gate to shut at night. Most of the day and evening the parking lot has only a couple cars in it even though there are roughly 35 parking spots and room to expand to 50+ spaces. With the placement of the parking lot by the driving range it will not impact the property owners on Desert Hills Road and will not over burden traffic on Desert Hills Road, this road is a dead end road with no sidewalks and no place to turn around. If someone tries to turn around at the end of Desert Hills road there is a possibility they could run into the canal. I think this would be a win win win for all involved, including the wildlife that currently resides in the Forest, the property owners on Desert Hills Rd. and the People that would enjoy the trail systems through the forest. By putting the parking lot at the current driving range as I have proposed above and let the people walk on a nice path to the forest this will keep the wildlife safe and sound for all to see and enjoy and not scare them away. Thank you for your consideration. Steve Voytilla
September 28, 2020, 6:47 PM
Steve Voytilla
I live near the proposed Tiara Rado Open Space Project. I support the project. Multiple housing developments are in easy walking distance of the proposed project. I think the new trails would be well used. Most of the walkers and hikers I see in the area are respectful and appreciative of this kind of access. Some increase in traffic (foot and auto) will occur, but I think the disruption to neighboring residents will be minimal. Deer habituate well to some human intrusion. Overall, I think the project would be a boon to the local area.
September 27, 2020, 7:45 PM
David Redfern
Great idea! As others have commented, the area is very dense and it is basically un-accessed. The trails would not disturb wildlife after they were built, they move about the neighborhoods now, well adapted to humans. Understandably, the folks against the project live on Desert Hills Road but on large lots. Because of the size and location of this parcel, I feel most of those out walking and enjoying the trails would not drive there, "most" would simply walk from the area neighborhoods. I like this project and feel it definitely is more positive than the alternatives.
September 27, 2020, 3:24 PM
Kathy Ryan, Fairway Villas Neighbor
I have lived in Fairway Villas for 6 1/2 years. There are 46 lots on an 11.44 acre parcel. At this density the 37 acres on the Tiara Rado property would translate to roughly 150 building lots with Desert Hills Rd being the only access. Ludicrous! The estates south of Desert Hills appear to be on several acre parcels each. Say about 5 acres. So if more housing is the answer, how about 7 to 10 building parcels? I would prefer to leave the property as it is, but certainly would use it if the proposed trail system is approved. George Hill
September 27, 2020, 1:38 PM
George J Hill
I am not in favor of developing this area. This city needs to keep someplace natural. There are too many cars speeding merrily along already in the neighborhood as well as semis and motorcycles. Lots of noise. Again all the wildlife here need protection. Leave it alone please.
September 26, 2020, 7:47 AM
Cynthia A Delles
Many have shared this but I will repeat because of its importance: Improving the safety of riding and running on S. Broadway is the FIRST priority. I ride this several times a week; road traffic and speeds are increasing. This is a major access road to the Monument for riders throughout Grand Junction. Many have told me they will not ride S. Broadway anymore because of safety concerns. It is only a matter of time before we see a fatality and would expect a major lawsuit to be filed against the city.
September 25, 2020, 5:29 PM
David MacAlpine
Before the city considers any kind of low impact use for this property, they need to address the serious speeding problem on the stretch of South Broadway where the road doglegs, and then becomes a straight shot through to the curve at Desert Hills Road (dead end). The speeds and accompanying noise are excessive, dangerous, and occur day and night. My home backs to this stretch of South Broadway and the speeding has worsened over the past several years. What's needed is traffic calming, less vehicles, and safe pedestrian or bike friendly paths. I do not support the plan as presented in the video. Any parking associated with a bike and/or hiking path definitely should not be located on Desert Hills Road. Perhaps coordinating with driving range parking is an option. Access to this open space parcel should encourage other forms of transportation besides vehicles. Any open space development needs to minimize the impact on nearby homeowners and existing wildlife habitats, which include migrating and native birds.
September 25, 2020, 4:18 PM
Carolyn Jayne
Hi, Allison again (homeowner on Desert Hills Rd). Writing because I have some thoughts after reading some of the other comments. I’m still not entirely in favor of this plan for a few reasons. First being wildlife, second being allocation of funds because I’d like to see this go towards something more pressing like maybe improving the bike route along S Broadway for safety reasons, and lastly, my own selfish reasons as a homeowner on this road. That being said, I think Bob Whitehorne has thought of a really exceptional approach, should this plan move forward (expand driving range parking lot, use existing trail and build new network off that). I completely agree that it could help discourage the use of area for partiers and not disturb wildlife too much. Obviously, I can’t speak for the other homeowners in this neighborhood but, I’m inclined to think they would also see this as a potential win-win for those interested in a park area and for us who frequently play with our children on and walk this road. It would allow us to maintain our privacy and would certainly be better than a housing development. Please please please consider this option! And thank you, Bob, for your thoughtful insight.
September 25, 2020, 3:40 PM
Allison A
Converting the 37 acre city property as Tiara Rado open space is creative, a great use of Cares Act funds, and an outstanding idea. As the area has become more dense, we see more walkers, including kids, on Broadway. Adding foot trails to this property will offer a safe optio from Broadway, which is very dangerous. We applaud the idea of connecting to open meadows and linking it to the north side of the driving range.This open space idea is a win-win for the entire community and wildlife habitat preservation. As noted previously, the city brought this to benefit the entire community, not for the exclusive enjoyment of the adjacent neighbors. If the city moves forward on this project, we will volunteer our time.
September 25, 2020, 8:13 AM
Fernando Hernandez & Cindy Fewell
I live in the Fairway Villas Subdivision and feel terrible watching dear run through the neighborhood and take their chances crossing the already too busy road at South Broadway and Desert Hills Rd. PLEASE leave this space for the wild animals. They need a sanctuary and at some point humans need to quit taking over all the land. PLEASE leave it for the animals who need space too. We have taken too much from nature already. I also agree with the negative impact it would have on the neighborhood there. I agree with those residents that it would definitely impose on their peaceful enjoyment of their neighborhood. I especially would not favor a housing development. Please leave something for nature!! PLEASE! Alecia Gordon
September 25, 2020, 8:08 AM
Alecia Gordon
We are strongly in favor of this proposal and applaud the City for being forward thinking during this pandemic. Social distancing will become the norm and we will need to create more opportunities for outdoor activities. Even without the pandemic, encouraging outdoor recreation is healthy for the community, especially children. We worry that if this space is not designated for green space it will end up being developed into a residential subdivision and the opportunity for conserving it as public natural space will be lost forever.
September 25, 2020, 6:47 AM
Paul & Lorraine Cooper
In reading the comments already posted, this seems to be a classic NIMBY situation - almost every comment from residents in the immediate area think it's a good proposal, with the exception of the ones actually living on Desert Hills Road, who don't want their peace and quiet disturbed. These folks may be overreacting a bit, but they have some valid concerns. Maybe the city could consider an alternative proposal: 1. Expand the driving range parking lot to the north to accommodate hikers into the open space area. 2. Use the existing trail around the driving range as the primary entry into the area, and build a new network of trails off the end of it in the new open space parcel. Optionally, one of these trails could run out to Desert Hills Road, but parking along that road could be prohibited. This trail extension could be used by hikers who walk down Desert Hills Road from South Broadway, and as an emergency entrance for police or rescue personnel. Taking this approach should alleviate most of the Desert Hill Rd. residents' concerns. It would also discourage use of the area by partiers, and decrease the impact on wildlife somewhat. I live in the Seasons subdivision and occasionally walk down Desert Hills Road. Along with virtually all of the other comment posters, I would happy to see this area either left completely natural, or developed as a low-impact recreation site. I would not like it to be developed for housing.
September 24, 2020, 11:31 PM
Bob Whitehorne
My biggest concern with this project is the protection of wildlife in this immediate area. I live in the north west corner to this parcel and it is a very active area for wildlife. Every day we see dozens of deer crossing thru exactly where the walking trail would be and it would be so sad to see them pushed away. I also hope the city take into account the many coyote dens in the north end of this parcel. There are huge piles of trees (from clearing the driving range I assume) that have become well established coyote dens. Where will these coyotes go? And the birds that nest in those trees? I'm not talking about the occasional bobcat or bear that wander thru this area, these animals have permanent residence there right now and will be pushed out. I like the idea of open public spaces especially instead of a huge housing development but I think there are many wildlife considerations that shouldn't be overlooked.
September 24, 2020, 10:18 PM
Kandis Aggen
Great idea! The area is so dense now that it can hardly be accessed. A few trails will not disturb wildlife much, they move about the neighborhoods now, well adapted to humans. The parcel is so small, traffic increase would not be a real concern. I would imagine mostly local neighbors using it or the local schools. The few people against the project seem to live on Desert Hills Rd and those are very large lots. Their front doors, children, and pets are not anywhere near the road. I can't imagine they would even hear a car door open and close. The city bought it as an asset for the entire community. If it cannot be utilized perhaps sell it back to a developer, perhaps the "nay sayers" prefer that kind of impact. Thank you for allowing public comment and all the creative ideas you have outlined!
September 24, 2020, 6:57 PM
I am very much against this project. I find it interesting the video says "Desert Hills residents support this project", that is absolutely false, I have spoken with many residents on the road and they do not support this project for all of the reasons that I do not support it. 1. Deer, bobcats, racoons, squirrels, skunk, quail, turtles, and the occasional bear frequent this area - there is precious little wooded areas for them to thrive as it is. This project would remove the majority of their habitat and cause die off of our wildlife, especially the deer that raise their fawns in this area and the owls that breed here. 2. This is a dead end road with no place for turning around, it is a family area with children riding bikes, scooters, and big wheels on the road; this would endanger the children of families who purchased homes here for the peace and quiet the area offers. 3. Trash, fires, and illegal activity would increase - I already find beer cans, cigarette butts, and prophylactics on the road and by my mailbox regularly. Several young men have driven their cars into the Redlands Canal at the end of the road either due to poor lighting or their impairment; the canal and it's banks are private property and it is not approved for foot traffic. It is a dangerous area when the water is fully running and it is not an area that should be a park or public open space. There is already a new "open space" with trails, etc being improved at S. Broadway and S.Camp Rd; there is Connected Lakes, CO Nat'l Monument, James Robb State Park - a plethora of places for people to "get outdoors" without ruining a prime wildlife habitat. This area is a natural pathway for wildlife coming and going from the Monument, the "water feature" is a natural runoff for the Monument referred to as Lime Kiln Gulch - does anyone remember when the area flooded and washed out several homes near the golf course? This is a low area and is not at all conducive to development or park space. Please remember that we are not the only beings on the planet, the animals need this area to prosper, feed, and have their young. Do the right thing with COVID relief money Grand Junction! It is not meant to make another uncared for Park in an area that does not have proper ingress and egress.
September 24, 2020, 2:40 PM
Dawn Maiella
We live in the Fairway Villas subdivision and feel this will be a good use GJ property.
September 24, 2020, 2:16 PM
Meredith B Aldrich
Thank you for soliciting comments from the public. I share 2 main concerns, the most pressing being the impact on wildlife. If the many deer that live in that wild area are flushed out, some will run onto the road and cause a car accident. I have seen this firsthand. These animals have such a limited territory there as it is. You would have to have strict Stay on Trail signage and importantly, enforcement. Also, how would you lock it up at night? I feel for the Desert Hills residents and am concerned about parking and how that would be shielded from those residents both visually and to keep people seeking trail access from using Desert Hills neighborhood as part of the trail. I do applaud the desire to provide more public space and am grateful that you are not selling to a developer, which would ruin the area. We already have enough density around Tiara Rado. There is a gravel path existing running along the Redlands First Lift Canal; couldn't that be used as a public trail, which would require very little construction? The city is doing a great job with the golf course and driving range so I would wish the whole area to remain as close to the way it is as possible. Making a trail here would be possible but it must be very carefully done with very low impact. Thank you.I am a resident of Tiara Rado Drive.
September 24, 2020, 1:54 PM
Amy Robinson
Love the idea of use for public land. Please consider adding a bike trail.
September 24, 2020, 11:14 AM
Steve Riggs
I think this is a good use of the space, and much better than potential residential development for keeping traffic and crowding at bay. Soft, natural trails would provide a safe way to recreate and encourage responsible participation in wild/natural areas. While developed parks are wonderful, if people don't have adequate opportunities to enjoy natural/wild environments with ease, they won't feel compelled to preserve them. This opportunity both protects/preserves the natural area AND allows for people to enjoy it responsibly. It's a win-win. Side note: this is a great way to provide public input - thank you for offering it. Please keep it coming!
September 24, 2020, 10:59 AM
Andreya Krieves
As I recall, this acreage was purchased roughly two decades ago to expand the golf course, the driving range being set up at that time as an interim use. There was subsequently a serious development proposal to the city by private interests to create a partnership with the city to develop a golf course and residential community on the property. With the Great Recession and the change in golf course development economics, that concept was abandoned. So what to do with the property? 1. Leave it wild as is, owned by the City. That benefits primarily the proximate neighbors, but at the expense of the city. 2. Build this project or something similar, which would keep the property semi wild with low impact usage, open to any and all. 3. Sell the property for residential development. This gets the money back to the city, but would raise almost all the same and more objections than already noted by neighbors in these comments. Maybe there are other options, but of these three, I favor #2 above. I am a 30 year resident of the Tiara Rado area.
September 24, 2020, 7:20 AM
Theodore L Ockels
I truly believe that this is one of the best ideas that Grand Junction has put across for our community. Being a resident in this area for 17 years, I see the demand for a safe nature and learning center and walking trails so that all of Grand Junction's citizens can appreciate and enjoy our beautiful area. I agree with this project 100% and can hardly wait to see it happen. If there is anything I can do other than making a comment, I would be more than happy to donate time and energy to help better our community. I agree with other comments that natural habitat must be taken into consideration first. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. Allen Lopez
September 23, 2020, 8:21 PM
Allen Lopez
As a homeowner on Desert Hills RD, I am absolutely NOT in favor of the Tiara Rado Open Space Project. I have two small children who play and ride their bikes in the street, dogs I take on walks, and the thought of added traffic (on a no outlet street), headlights in my windows, noise, not to mention the interruption of the thriving wildlife really upsets me. Word has it that some (or maybe all) of the money to fund this is for coronavirus relief which is such an egregious use of our tax money if that is the case. I’m willing to bet the entire neighborhood on this road is against this. Just no. We already have issues with people parking in that area and doing who knows what. If this passes I hope you’ve thought about patrolling for safety.
September 23, 2020, 7:01 PM
Allison A
This is a great idea. There are no parks in the neighborhood and a shortage of places to walk and run outside of the Monument that don’t involve being on the edge of South Broadway, something that we can all agree is unsafe at best. This is a much better use of this land than the houses that were originally proposed and will provide a beautiful shady place to go in the summer.
September 23, 2020, 5:25 PM
Lisa Kekar
I agree with Mike Cooney. I share all of his concerns. The reason we bought and built on our property is because it was so quiet and off the beaten path. Now the path Will be in our backyard. We have so many deer that frequent our area along with bobcats, bears, owls, and more This will definitely have an impact on wildlife. How can it not? As mentioned by Mike, we have so much open space all around us, in the Redlands especially, for people to enjoy. Riggs Hill, Connected Lakes, other trails a few miles northwest and south of this open area... there are trails galore! Why here where the space is surrounded by homes? Besides the wildlife being a major concern, there are a lot of bikers on the narrow, winding South Broadway, thus increasing traffic and safety concerns for all. Thanks.
September 23, 2020, 4:03 PM
Becky Ripper
I think it's an appropriate use for the property. Much preferred to the property being sold for development. I certainly would use the area for nature walks with my grand children.
September 23, 2020, 3:51 PM
Stephen Bricknell
Great Idea looking forward to using this area for our daily walk
September 23, 2020, 3:34 PM
John Burnes
I live not too far away from the proposed Open Space and am in favor of access to Tiara Rado Open Space be developed. Having a trail system close to residential spaces is an added benefit, opening up walking trails where a vehicle does not necessarily need to be utilized to approach is a positive. There have been dense subdivisions built in the area and I believe it will be well utilized. Hopefully a sidewalk can be built that would connect trail access to the sidewalk along South Broadway for safety reasons. I would however be concerned a proper balance between development and wildlife be maintained, erring on the side of wildlife. Thank you for considering opening up spaces for residents to enjoy.
September 23, 2020, 3:00 PM
Jean Baker
I think this is a very bad idea, Desert Hills Drive is a dead end street where a number of residents live in a private secluded area where its quite and well maintained. With the public having access to this area there will be a great impact on vehicle traffic as well as noise and without question trash. By example Canyon View park, even though there are plenty of containers, people throw trash everywhere, I've seen it first hand and the staff is constantly cleaning up not to mention repairing damage that vandals have caused. Our city is surrounded by open space, its nearby and it doesnt take long to find an existing area to enjoy the outdoors. By example; I have frequented nearby Conected Lakes State Park for more than 18 years, it has only been this pandemic that has increased usage of this area and it's in the heart of the city with several lakes. Once the pandemic over, people will return to their normal routines and I'm fairly certain less usage will occur in this area. Then you have another serious concern of fire dangers in this secluded Tiara Rado Open Space, I live nearby in Desert Hills Estates and the area your proposing as the open space project connects to my property as well as many neighboring properties, it is covered in highly flamable vegatation. How can you prevent young people from playing with fire or smoking causing a wildffire that could wipe out the entire area just like it almost did at Connected Lakes in 2019? That area is still a mess that has been left as an eye sore. One more concern, the LACK OF POLICING in this area of the Redlands, although we pay for the police in our taxes, we rarely see a patrol vehicle, like maybe once a year we might a drive thru, we are bordered by the county in most directions. So you add an open space for public use owned by the city, who is going to police this area frequently for homeless vagrants or young people using it for lovers lane, drug usage and/or drinking? I can tell you first hand, this occurs as my neighborhood was just that in the early stages of development. Lastly, South Broadway, with a tight 90 degree curve would be the main access road from both directions to Desert Hills Drive, it's already becoming over crowded and people rarely observe the posted speed limit. This idea will result in more people. more traffic, more problems. There are much better options to spend your money and/or the Federal dollars you are hoping to qualify for.
September 23, 2020, 11:21 AM
Michael Cooney
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