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Elysium Studios - Planned Development Amendment

Case: PLD-2020-440
Request information about amending the PD to allow art center/tattoo studio use on .387 acres in a PD (Planned Development) zone district and the North 7th Street Historic District. Item information will be available by 5 p.m. on September 16, 2020.


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Decision Making Criteria

Per Section 21.02.150, The planned development (PD) district is intended to apply to mixed use or unique single use projects to provide design flexibility not available through strict application and interpretation of the standards established in Chapter 21.05 GJMC. The PD zone district imposes any and all provisions applicable to the land as stated in the PD zoning ordinance. The purpose of the PD zone is to provide design flexibility as described in GJMC 21.05.010. Planned development rezoning should be used when long-term community benefits will be derived, and the vision, goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan can be achieved. Long-term community benefits include: 

(1)    More efficient infrastructure;

(2)    Reduced traffic demands;

(3)    More usable public and/or private open space;

(4)    Recreational amenities; and/or 

(5)    Needed housing choices.

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I'm fully in support of amending for this use. This kind of revitalization in the downtown area is exactly what our city needs. The property is a great location for the proposed use as a tattoo studio and art space. I currently live about a block from the present location of Elysium Studios, and they have been good residents of our neighborhood. They bring out-of-town tattoo clients to our city, which contributes to the local economy and puts us on the map in a way that supports our tourism and hospitality industries, and the owner (Arlo DiCristina) is a born and raised Grand Junction local who I believe cares about creating something positive in our community—and he has the resources to do so. I've heard that there has been a small amount of pushback from neighbors who feel that the former church building should only be used again as a place of worship. With all due respect, we have an adequate number of places of worship in our city, and I think that turning the location into a space for art and local talent while preserving the beautiful building is an appropriate and wonderful use of the space.
September 20, 2020, 6:41 PM
Abram Herman
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