Monument Ridge Estates

Case: SUB-2020-253
The project includes 2 parcels (2947-1542-00-127 and 2947-154-00-120), which combined equal approximately 17 + acres. The proposal for Monument Ridge Estates is for 48 single-family lots, to be built in 2 phases. The property addresses are 2076 Ferree Dr. and 2074 Broadway. Broadway and Ferree Dr. is the nearest intersection (see location map below). Current zoning for the properties is R-4 (Residential- 4DU/ AC). Proposed residential density would be 2.79 dwelling units/acre, which is less than what could be proposed. The Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map designation for this property is Residential Medium Low (2 – 4 du/ac).
Neighborhood Meeting will be held Tuesday, August 18th at 5:30 p.m. at the Redlands Community Centers, 2463 Broadway, Grand Junction, CO 81507.


Monument Ridge Estates Narrative ( 0.18 MB )
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Proposed Preliminary Plan Lot Layout ( 0.53 MB )

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My concern as a home owner on Ferree Dr is the access to Ferree off of Knight Ln. Visibility is poor on Ferree Dr as well as the width of the road for how many cars are often parked on Ferree. The slight decline in the road heading west makes visibility poor and unsafe for children, bikers, joggers and pets. We already have an issue of vehicles driving through Ferree at unsafe speeds and this will lead to additional unnecessary traffic on Ferree. Why is Knight lane even necessary? If the road to Tamarack is completed sooner, there would be the southeast exit to Broadway and potentially a southwest exit to Tamarack. Additionally, it appears two additional exits on the north end of the subdivision. PLEASE, look at options of completing the road to connect to Tamarack lane lieu of Knight Lane. Cars that would take Knight lane to Ferree would have to exit onto Tamarack any how, so get rid of Knight lane. The increase traffic on Ferree that Knight Lane could lead to is unsafe to all the residents of Ferree Dr, especially our children.
August 13, 2020, 9:17 AM
Jeremy Lambert
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