Pinnacle Ridge Subdivision - Extension Request

Case: SUB-2015-120; SUB-2017-273
Consider a request by Two R & D LLC, to extend for two additional years the approved Preliminary Plan and Filing 2 Plat for the Pinnacle Ridge Subdivision located East of Mariposa Drive near W. Ridges Blvd.


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Decision Making Criteria
Additional extensions may be granted by the Planning Commission so long as the plan is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and current zoning requirements.

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Two R&D LLC has requested a two-year extension of the Preliminary Plan for the Pinnacle Ridges development. I ask that the Commission take the history of this project into consideration when reviewing this request. This development was initially approved in 2007 but was then abandoned for a decade. When the Plan was re-submitted in 2017, it was approved with multiple exemptions for codes and standards, including but not limited to: • The development area is zoned R-2 (15,000 sq ft per lot), yet the approved plan allowed for a cluster development with a minimum of 7,125 sq ft per lot. • The plan was approved allowing the use of private streets because some of the proposed streets do not meet standards for public streets (roads as narrow as 20 feet wide and/or traversing slopes over 30%). • The plan was approved allowing a street with over 13% upward slope for over 800 feet even though the GJ Traffic Engineering and Design Standards (TEDS) requires the maximum grade for residential streets be no more than 12% for a maximum of 500 feet. This road also does not meet Fire Access Code requirements, yet an exemption was given on this item as well. • Due to the unstable soil, steep slopes and the fact some roads would not meet standards for public roads, the GJ Community Development engineering staff originally recommended that the Developer provide a 10-year warranty for the roads in the development. The Developer objected, and over time this requirement was reduced to 7 years, then 2 years, and then eventually a 1-year road warranty was all that was required. • The Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) professional staff has repeatedly provided opinions to the City that it has yet to be established that the slope and soils are stable enough to support the proposed project. The CGS also supported the original recommendation that Developer provide a 10-year warranty on the roads. These issues were previously reviewed and thus I do not raise these items to re-litigate them. The point is that this project now spans at least 13 years and the Developer has been given a tremendous amount of latitude in its development. Developer has already received one extension on the current plan and now asks for two more years for what are described as unforeseen construction delays and economic reasons. As to the construction issues, the Developer and his engineers previously provided testimony with detailed construction plans and gave their assurances to the Planning Commission and City Council that this development could be built as planned. In regard to economic issues, it is unclear what the Developer is referring to that would have prevented him from proceeding over the last three years. Home sales in the Grand Valley have increased significantly since 2017. Per the GJ Sentinel (2/20/2020), the local housing inventory continues to drop and “January inventory numbers are the lowest for the month since at least 2013.” When announcing his plan, the Developer is quoted as saying home prices “are expected to start around $250,000 and up” (GJ Sentinel, 3/15/2015). However, the two homes that have been built were both listed at $499,000. It is a questionable argument to say the Developer’s underestimating building costs by 100% counts as an unplanned economic factor. (It is recognized that issues related to the COVID outbreak could potentially impact real estate sales, yet this is a recent event which is unrelated to economic or construction issues over the past three years.) In closing, I would ask the Commission to consider why it seems there is no limit to the exemptions and exceptions given to this Developer and how many more accommodations will be required for this Developer to get on with it? One would think that 13 years is sufficient to get going with this project. Thank you for your consideration.
April 14, 2020, 5:59 PM
Richard Wihera
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I agree with Mary Orn. The time is up, let the land be. My home and several of my neighbors' homes have had scorpions inside recently, which we never did before the construction started. Very many residents in the Ridges community use the land to stay healthy outdoors, especially right now during the pandemic we are all experiencing. If this development does get an extension however, I have a few questions. I live on Hidden Valley Drive and my house backs up to the land. Will there be some sort of greenbelt or trail behind our houses, or are they planning to build a fence right up to our property lines? When would construction start behind our houses? Thank you for your time and consideration.
April 14, 2020, 4:35 PM
Bradley Brian
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I send this note as a neighbor to the Pinnacle Ridge property. Please do not give the developer of this property any more time to do nothing. In the past 3 years, they have built 2 houses, put in maybe 50 yards of a road to nowhere and destroyed the hillside, sending snakes, skunks and other critters into our yards and homes. Time is up! Either let the land go back to the wild desert landscape it was in 2016 or find someone else to complete the development in a timely manner.
April 14, 2020, 1:26 PM
Mary Orn
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Scott, I live at 360 Aiguille Dr. and I am currently the only occupant living in Pinnacle Ridge subdivision. I have no objection to an extension request by Two R&D LLC for the additional two years for the Pinnacle Ridge Sub. being heard Tuesday April 14th.
April 14, 2020, 11:23 AM
Mark Gardner
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