Fairview Glen Annexation, ROW Vacation & Subdivision

The applicant will first be submitting an Annexation/Rezone and Right of Way Vacation, followed by a Preliminary/Final Subdivision application to the City of Grand Junction. - Annexation/Rezone: Currently, 2767 C Road is in the county and zoned RSF-4 (4 dwelling units/acre). The parcel below it is also in the county and currently zoned PUD (Planned Unit Development). The applicant is proposing to annex both properties into the City of Grand Junction with a rezone of R-8 (8 units per acre). - Right-of-Way Vacation: Currently there is an un-built, but platted right-of-way on the parcel zoned as PUD. The subdivision plan has since lapsed and the right-of-way needs to be vacated before anything new can be done. In addition, there are a few utility and drainage easements that need to be eliminated and/or relocated per the new subdivision plan. - Preliminary/Final Subdivision: Following the first two steps noted above, the applicant will then submit a preliminary/final subdivision application. If the R-8 zone gets approved, the plan is to subdivide the total 16.9 acres into 116-121 single family lots resulting in a density of 6.3-6.5 units/acre. A visual of this plan will be provided at both the in person and online meetings.


Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation


Neighborhood Meeting Notice ( 0.13 MB )
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Current Zoning Map ( 1.52 MB )
Future Land Use Map ( 1.32 MB )
Blended Land Use Map ( 1.07 MB )
Subdivision Graphic ( 2.03 MB )

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