Redlands 360 Planned Community - Outline Development Plan

The applicant, La Plata Communities LLC, and GJ Land Company LLC., has recently submitted an Annexation Plan as well as a Metro District Plan, and is now seeking to incorporate these actions with specific additional entitlements to allow the efficient assembly, planning, and zoning of five properties into a unified +/-600 acre Planned Development. This proposal is for a mixture of Single Family Residential lots (1200 to 1400) and Multi-Family Residential lots (100 to 400 units), providing a total Outline Development Plan (ODP) Density request with a range of 1,300 to 1,800 units, along with the potential of up to 30,000 square feet of Limited Commercial Space. It is worth clarifying: (1) over half of the project area is already annexed into the City, and thus the differing and smaller acreage for annexation; (2) the submitted Metro District is 21 acres larger than the ODP area because it includes Canyon Rim 360 to the south, which will remain zoned as R-1, and is being developed ahead of Redlands-360; and (3) there is purposeful flexibility in the Outline Development Plan request for 1,300 to 1,800 housing units (single family and multi-family), which creates the density range of 2.16 units per acre to 3.0 units per acre.


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Please explain to us where the entrances and exits will be to this development, and if existing roads that border the land will need to be widened to acommodate the increased traffic flow. For those of us who live on these street, any higher traffic patterns, or road widening efforts could impact our current views, and our property values.
July 14, 2020, 5:30 PM
Kat Rhein
I concur with the need for environmental impact, habitat preservation, fossil and Indian artifact preservation, etc. I also have concerns regarding traffic flow, as we have all experienced the impact of the Lunch Time Loop volumes. I have not been able to discern where the entrances/exits for the proposed development would be. I would expect the developer would be responsible for incurring all expenses necessary to expand the road capacity in the impacted area. How will the noise pollution increase be addressed? Will current homeowner impact be addressed with builder funded berms to reduce some of the noise pollution created by the substantial increase in traffic from this development? The proposed changes in zoning will have a substantial negative impact on current homes in the area. I believe we are pursuing tax revenue at the expense of quality of life in Grand Junction.
July 14, 2020, 11:51 AM
Judy Axtman, representative for Helen Thompson
I have three concerns that I think need to be addressed before this development moves forward. First, has an environmental impact study been completed? Specifically, the northwest corner of the property (bordering the intersection of South Camp and South Broadway) contains the Goat Wash drainage and is lush with vegetation that provides cover for deer and other wildlife. I see deer using Goat Wash on a regular basis as a corridor connecting the Monument and the Colorado River. Other wildlife in this area include racoons, skunks, coyotes, squirrels, rabbits, and on at least one occasion, a beaver! The developers maps indicate this area will become high-density housing and commercial developments. Does the plan include leaving the draining corridor intact so that wildlife can continue to access their native habitat? For many of us that live in this area, the proximity to nature is a primary appeal. Without it the open space the developer touts is just dead space. Secondly, how is increased traffic and its impact on roads going to be addressed and funded? When The Ridges was built Highway 340 was widened to two lanes in each direction from Monument Road to the development entrance. The location of the main entrance to Redlands 360 would make it likely that additional traffic would flow both towards downtown Grand Junction and towards retail and commercial developments along the I-70 business loop. The Redlands 360 development will impact not only Highway 340 but also Redlands Parkway, the roundabout intersection of Hwy 340 and Redlands Parkway, South Broadway, the intersection of South Broadway and Redlands Parkway, South Camp, and the intersection of South Camp and South Broadway. Presumably additional traffic lanes, turn lanes, and possibly traffic lights or other control methods will be needed as this development progresses. When will such additions be implemented and how will they be funded? The city already reports a budget shortfall in funds for such improvements. Third, what is being done to minimize light pollution and preserve the beauty of our night skies? Street lights and house lights will diminish our ability to enjoy viewing the Milky Way, planets, comets, and other celestial bodies. These lights can also have an additional impact on the well-being of wildlife in the area. I complement the developers on their willingness to preserve open space within their property and thank them for their willingness to let the public use the existing trails. I ask that the developers, city planners, planning commissioners, and city council members remember that this development does not exist in a vacuum. A development of this scale will have significant and lasting impacts on the historically rural nature of our neighborhood, the wildlife, the roads, and the night skies.
July 13, 2020, 10:37 AM
Wayne Smith
Re: Redlands 360 Development Plan I am writing to ask the owner and developers of this project to please have an environmental impact study completed and published before moving forward with the plan. This area is home to hundreds of indigenous species and their habitats. With the planned human population density this project packs, these habitats will be eliminated. At the end of May (2020), a track hoe came through the property, not sure what the purpose was, and recklessly crisscrossed the land destroying vegetation and scarring the land. It will be hard for me to trust a company that would allow such destruction when there were ways to lessen the impact of needed testing on the land. For those of us who love that land, it was sickening to witness. I've included one photo of the destruction the track hoe operators caused, although I have several photos. Again, the owner/developers lost my trust as stewards of the land by allowing this carnage. Additionally, I suspect that there is a high likelihood that the land is hiding fossilized prehistoric remains. What, if any, duty does the developer/owner have to disclose such findings if/when it occurs? This is a very large tract of open land, what would it hurt to have an environmental impact study performed? Please take my questions under consideration before you move forward. Respecfully, Meredith Grenfell-Bird 200 Easter HIll Dr. Grand Junction
July 12, 2020, 1:02 PM
Meredith Kay Grenfell-Bird
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