27 1/2 Road Right-of-Way Vacation

Case: VAC-2019-459
Consider a request by Eddy at Grand JCT, LLC to Vacate a 25 foot wide by 400 lineal foot Portion of the undeveloped 27 ½ Road Public Right-of-Way (ROW) abutting the eastern property line of the property located at approximately 347 27 ½ Road.


Staff Presentation


Application - 27.5 Road ROW Vacation ( 0.25 MB )
Staff Report - 27.5 Road ROW Vacation ( 0.08 MB )
Maps - 27.5 Road ROW Vacation ( 0.37 MB )
Draft Ordinance ( 0.13 MB )
Decision Making Criteria

Approval Criteria. The vacation of the right-of-way or easement shall conform to the following:

(1)    The Comprehensive Plan, Grand Junction Circulation Plan and other adopted plans and policies of the City;

(2)    No parcel shall be landlocked as a result of the vacation;

(3)    Access to any parcel shall not be restricted to the point where access is unreasonable, economically prohibitive, or reduces or devalues any property affected by the proposed vacation;

(4)    There shall be no adverse impacts on the health, safety, and/or welfare of the general community, and the quality of public facilities and services provided to any parcel of land shall not be reduced (e.g., police/fire protection and utility services);

(5)    The provision of adequate public facilities and services shall not be inhibited to any property as required in Chapter 21.06 GJMC; and

(6)    The proposal shall provide benefits to the City such as reduced maintenance requirements, improved traffic circulation, etc.

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