Denied - Continued to July 28

Zoning Code Amendment - Mini-Warehouse Standards

Case: ZCA-2020-175
Consider a request by the City of Grand Junction to amend Title 21 of the Grand Junction Municipal Code regarding use standards and a definition for mini-warehouses.

To join the public meeting, click here. If you would like to leave a public comment please use the "chat" feature during the public hearing period. 

To watch the meeting live stream, click here. (Available 6 p.m. on Jun 9, 2020)


Staff Presentation


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Draft Ordinance ( 0.09 MB )
Decision Making Criteria
In accordance with Section 21.02.140(c), a proposed Code amendment shall address in writing the reasons for the proposed amendment. There are no specific criteria for review because a code amendment is a legislative act and within the discretion of the City Council to amend the Code with a recommendation from the Planning Commission. 

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