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Redlands 360 Special District Service Plan

Case: SDS-2020-178
Consider a request by Grand Junction Land Company, a Colorado limited liability company for review and approval of a Consolidated Service Plan for the proposed Redlands 360 Metropolitan Districts Nos. 1-9. The Redlands 360 Planned Development project is proposed to be developed on approximately 624 acres south of the Redlands Parkway and Highway 340 intersection.

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Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation


Development Application ( 25.78 MB )
Location Maps ( 6.11 MB )
Staff Report ( 0.14 MB )
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Decision Making Criteria

The jurisdiction shall disapprove the service plan unless evidence satisfactory to the Council of each of the following is presented: 

(a)  There is sufficient existing and projected need for organized service in the area to be serviced by the proposed special district.

(b)   The existing service in the area to be served by the proposed special district is inadequate for present and projected needs.

(c)  The proposed special district is capable of providing economical and sufficient service to the area within its proposed boundaries.

(d)   The area to be included in the proposed special district has, or will have, the financial ability to discharge the proposed indebtedness on a reasonable basis.

The jurisdiction may disapprove the service plan if evidence satisfactory to the Council of any of the following, at the discretion of the Council, is not presented: 

(a)  Adequate service is not, or will not be, available to the area through the City or other existing municipal or quasi-municipal corporations, including existing special districts, within a reasonable time and on a comparable basis. 

(b) The facility and service standards of the proposed special district are compatible with the facility and service standards of the jurisdiction within which the proposed special district is to be located and each municipality which is an interested party under C.R.S. §32-1-204(1).

(c) The proposal is in substantial compliance with a master plan adopted pursuant to C.R.S. §30-28-106, C.R.S.

(d) The proposal is in compliance with any duly adopted county, regional, or state long-range water quality management plan for the area.

(e) The creation of the proposed special district will be in the best interests of the area proposed to be served.

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