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Five Star Annexation (1 of 1)
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∙ Case: ANX-2023-219
Five Star Annexation
Consider a request by Five Star Homes and Development Inc. to Zone 0.11 acres within the Five Star Annexation to RM-8 (Residential Medium 8) Located East of the Northern End of Allyce Avenue within the Birks Blue Subdivision
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Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
Per Section 21.02.050(c), applications for annexation shall meet all applicable statutory and City administrative requirements. The City Council shall use the following criteria when evaluating a request for annexation. Annexation is, however, a discretionary, legislative act. The City shall never be compelled to annex, unless otherwise required by state law, even if all these review criteria have been satisfied. 

(i) The annexation complies with the Municipal Annexation Act of 1965, as amended (§ 31-12-101 C.R.S., et seq.). Contiguity is presumed to satisfy the eligibility requirement of § 31-12-104 C.R.S.
(ii) The proposed zoning is appropriate, based upon consideration of the following factors: 
      (A) The proposed zoning is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan designation of the property; and
      (B) The proposed land uses are consistent with the purpose and intent of the proposed zone district.
(iii) The annexation will not limit the ability to integrate surrounding land into the City or cause variances or exceptions to be granted if the adjacent land is annexed or developed.
(iv) The landowner has waived in writing any preexisting vested property rights as a condition of such annexation.
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