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1 item Tue, Mar 26, 2024 at 5:30pm
Zoning & Development Code Amendments – Quarter 2 2024 (1 of 1)
∙ Passed w/ Amendments 7-0
∙ Agenda item 1 of 1
∙ Case: ZCA-2024-123
Zoning & Development Code Amendments – Quarter 2 2024
Consider Amendments to Title 21 Zoning and Development Code to Modify and Clarify Various Provisions Relating to Application Outreach Meetings, Extension of Approvals, Termination of Conditional Use Permits, Mixed-Use Downtown Dimensional Standards, Side Setbacks Abutting Residential in Mixed-Use and Industrial Zone Districts, Retail Sales in Industrial Zones, Dwelling Units - Single-Family Detached, Cottage Courts, and Tiny Homes as Uses, Home Occupations, and Density Measurements.
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Code Text Amendment
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
Per Section 21.02.050(d), an applicant for a Code Text Amendment has the burden of producing evidence that proves each of the following criteria:  

(A) Consistency with Comprehensive Plan The proposed Code Text Amendment is generally consistent with applicable provisions of the Comprehensive Plan. 
(B) Consistency with Zoning and Development Code Standards The proposed Code Text Amendment is consistent with and does not conflict with or contradict other provisions of this Code. 
(C) Specific Reasons The proposed Code Text Amendment shall meet at least one of the following specific reasons: 
     a. To address trends in development or regulatory practices;  
     b. To expand, modify, or add requirements for development in general or to address specific development issues;
     c. To add, modify or expand zone districts; or
     d. To clarify or modify procedures for processing development applications. 
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