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4 items Tue, May 9, 2023 at 5:30pm
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∙ Case: FMP-2023-60
St Mary's Master Plan 2023
Consider a request by St Mary's Medical Center to approve a 5-year update of an Institutional and Civic Facilities Master Plan for St. Mary's Hospital and properties that they own totaling 53.74 +/- acres, all in an existing PD (Planned Development) and B-1 (Neighborhood Business) zone districts.
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Decision Criteria
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
In reviewing a master plan, the decision-making body shall consider the following:

(1)    Conformance with the Comprehensive Plan and other area, corridor or neighborhood plans;
(2)    Conformance with the Grand Junction Circulation Plan and general transportation planning requirements;
(3)    Adequate parking, adequate stormwater and drainage improvements, minimization of water, air or noise pollution, limited nighttime lighting and adequate screening and buffering potential;
(4)    Adequacy of public facilities and services; and
(5)    Community benefits from the proposal.
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