Certificate of Appropriateness - Demolition and Garage Construction

Case: COA-2020-86
Consider a Certificate of Appropriateness for demolition of a shed and construction of a garage at 640 North 7th Street.
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Dear Mr. Hawes, I am writing regarding the proposed demolition and replacement of two buildings at 640 N. 7th Street. My wife and I own a property in the 7th Street Historical District. I reviewed the plan elevations for the new structure. The shape of the new garage does not seem historically appropriate. The exterior finishes do seem appropriate. Driving around the block and alley of the applicant, I think it would be unfair to prohibit the applicant’s project on aesthetic grounds. It makes me wonder if we should have a historic district at all. I do have two concerns that I hope can be addressed in the applicant’s project. I have seen the intersection of 7th and Gunnison under water several times from storm runoff. The applicant’s current plans show lots paved driveway area, in addition to a larger garage. This will allow far less storm water to absorb into his lot- increasing storm water runoff into the 7th & Gunnison intersection. I hope a solution can be found. I would propose a permeable driveway, or less paving. The 7th Street Historical District has obvious curb appeal. The shade-lined street and deep porches indicate what the successful founders of our community sought- relief from the summer heat. Another large structure and paved surface will add to the radiating heat in the neighborhood. Again I ask for less paved area, and for the requirement of as much tree shading as possible. I wish the applicant many years of happiness on 7th Street. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Respectfully, Clark Rieves
April 27, 2020, 9:56 AM
Clark Rieves
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