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Chipeta Hollow Rezone

Case: RZN-2022-298
Consider a request by CIA Investments, LLC to rezone 18.98 acres from R-4 (Residential 4 du/ac) to R-8 (Residential 8 du/ac) zone district located at 2981 B 1/2 Rd.
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Decision Making Criteria
Per Section 21.01.140 of the Zoning and Development Code, the Planning Commission and City Council shall base their decisions in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates the following criteria have been met:
(1)    Subsequent events have invalidated the original premises and findings; and/or
(2)    The character and/or condition of the area has changed such that the amendment is consistent with the Plan; and/or
(3)    Public and community facilities are adequate to serve the type and scope of land use proposed; and/or
(4)    An inadequate supply of suitably designated land is available in the community, as defined by the presiding body, to accommodate the proposed land use; and/or
(5)    The community or area, as defined by the presiding body, will derive benefits from the proposed amendment.

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As a soon to be close neighbor to the new proposed subdivision, I have concerns about the lack of an adequate road on B 1/2, it is already crowed with farm equipment, heavy trucks and day to day local traffic. Will there be side walks outside of the subdivision for the school children and bike lanes on B 1/2 Road. I live in Chipeta Pines and I worry about opening up our streets to more pedestrians and vehicles. We pay for our open space as an HOA; I am not interested in supporting Chipeta Hollow's rezone for their lack of open space. This area was rural, thanks for changing the scenery of Grand Junction to chopped up subdivisions and NO Plans.
July 25, 2022, 2:11 PM
Donna Donley
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Chipeta Pines HOA community would like to oppose the rezoning from R-4 to R-8. The density of homes without any green space for the children and walkers to enjoy within their own community has the homeowners and children coming to our open space to play and walk. Our open space is 4.5 acres that we as a planned community pay for with our homeowner dues to the amount of $45,000.00 per year with no help from the city. What is the plan for sidewalks on both 30 road and B and B.5 road. What about the zoning of the area east of 30 road which is agricultural how does the extra traffic move past tractors and slow moving traffic? With no bike lane currently on B.5 road the extra traffic is just one more accident waiting to happen. The subdivisions close to Chipeta golf course are enjoying the county feel and respecting the farmers close to us. Why change from 75 homes to 151 homes without any plan for the orchard mesa area not having any parks or new schools in our area, Please consider the impact the extra homes will have on the new community as well as the existing communities.
July 25, 2022, 1:48 PM
Dolores Dean Chipeta Pines HOA president
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my reasoning to an RH from our for how is this going to affect city water and our irrigation water rights is this subdivision going to be taking some of our irrigation rights. concerns about the public roads on 30 Road being 1/2 and even 29 Road concerns about our schools and the population concerns about. speed limit and Farmers that use the roads. concerns about access to the subdivision. and concerns about the landfill as well by putting in more than what was originally zone for that's what they had planned on
July 24, 2022, 11:36 AM
Laura J Elliot mobile
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Phone-in comment
One of the reasons we purchased our property in 2019 was the rural quality of the area. An addition of up to 150 homes across the street will pretty much destroy that rural quality. Traffic at present is already bad. There have been at least three accidents at the corner of B 1/2 and 30 Roads since we moved here. One of them took out 60 feet of our pasture fence and irrigation pipe and the driver took off, which meant we had to pay for all the repairs. An addition of 150 or more drivers will obviously not improve traffic in the area. Both B 1/2 and 30 Roads are two lane roads with little to no shoulders in many sections. Will there be turnout lanes into the development? There are numerous irrigation valves on the shoulders, drivers will likely drive onto the shoulders to get around vehicles waiting to turn. The driver who took out my fence missed our alfalfa valve by inches. Numerous stretches of B 1/2 Road and 30 Road (going south of B 1/2 Road) are in terrible shape - there are potholes, shoulder drop-offs, ruts, and humps/dips. Will this be addressed? One reason given for the rezone was that it would benefit the new residents by being within walking distance of local businesses. The closest businesses are ~2 miles away. I would encourage the planning/zoning committee to walk a round trip of 4 miles to get groceries in our recent triple digit heat and see how viable it is... How will this impact wildlife? There's a fairly consistent north/south flow of deer in this neighborhood. How will it impact the elementary schools in the area? Will it impact irrigation? Why put a medium density development in the middle of low density and rural area anyway? Why not locate it closer to the businesses at the west end of B 1/2 Road and/or Highway 6&50?
July 23, 2022, 10:08 AM
Pete & Kristine Sandford
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We are concerned about the rezoning of Chipeta Hollow rezone. We live on a second generation farm located at 3011 B one half road. All four corners of this intersection are agricultural and we feel that a -4 per acre zoning be more conducive to blending high density and rural.Since it is the Border of the cityand rural the lower density housing would be more compatablr for the area. Traffic is already overblown and 30 road is a disaster between B 1/2Rd and Highway 50. Our rural lifestyle in the Grand Valley is diminishing rapidly due to the increasing encroachment of high density housing for financial gain of others while negatively impacted generational rural areas. Land within the city limits further from the rural area is still available to be developed without the inter structure impact on this area. Four per acre is still more than we want to see but realize development is taking over farmland. Doubling that impact with 8 per acre seems unreasonable. Dan and Sheron Geherin
July 23, 2022, 9:29 AM
Dan Geherin
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yes I'm a home owner just to the west of this proposed development of Chiquita Hollow and I'm in Topeka Glen just to the West I do objective does my husband to the conversion of this development from an AR for to an RH zoning there's insufficient infrastructure in place for this area but this type of development this isn't the proper location for this type of development the current are for zoning with maintaining character instability of the area and the single family homes that exist to the east totally from the East to the north of the South that have been developed out here in Orchard Mesa are all our for zoning areas I can't imagine my home which is our for zoning being me into Neighbors being turned into 6 homes sharing the same space that's just crazy our for Zone e support the growth management plan that is the reason people came to Grand Junction we come to the high quality of life in the wonderful amenities and while we understand that there are homes. shortages in Grand Junction it does not mean the plan or should have band in the Falklands Kijiji plan for growth if you physically go and look at this property and to the homes that are to the east of it and the North and South will see that maintaining and our for zoning plans what's best for the entire affected Community The Orchard Mesa area is growing this quote should be focused on the long term desirable to get this area and not the short term effective irresponsibly jamming and we're homes in the area will support I do fear that to maintain the Integrity of the ferry and his growth that if you put in an AR 8 stoning with this many homes then the homes are going to be lower end homes which will fall into disrepair and be reflective of what many people think about Grand Junction as Grand Junction Unk instead of Junction and we don't need to suffer that distinction anymore than we already do and certainly by maintaining and our for over our rates Tony will help to prevent that from taking place on these new homes that are being developed in Grand Junction. please maintain the our for Zoning for the cheapies the hollow development and deny the request to resume to prop the property to our 8 thank you
July 22, 2022, 4:30 PM
Barbara miles
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