Approved - 6 to 0.

Redlands Mesa ODP Extension

Case: PLD-2021-809
Consider a Request by The Peaks, LLC and Western Constructors, Inc. to Amend the Phasing Schedule of the Approved Redlands Mesa Outline Development Plan for Three Remaining Developable Parcels along West Ridges Boulevard.
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Staff Presentation


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Decision Making Criteria
Per Section 21.02.150 of the Zoning and Development Code, the planning commission and city council shall base their decision in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates the following criteria have been met:
(i)    The Comprehensive Plan, Grand Junction Circulation Plan and other adopted plans and policies;
(ii)    The rezoning criteria provided in GJMC 21.02.140;
(iii)    The planned development requirements of Chapter 21.05 GJMC;
(iv)    The applicable corridor guidelines and other overlay districts in GJMC Titles 23, 24 and 25;
(v)    Adequate public services and facilities shall be provided concurrent with the projected impacts of the development;
(vi)    Adequate circulation and access shall be provided to serve all development pods/areas to be developed;
(vii)    Appropriate screening and buffering of adjacent property and uses shall be provided;
(viii)    An appropriate range of density for the entire property or for each development pod/area to be developed;
(ix)    An appropriate set of “default” or minimum standards for the entire property or for each development pod/area to be developed;
(x)    An appropriate phasing or development schedule for the entire property or for each development pod/area to be developed

Comments & Feedback

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Online comments closed at 5:30 PM MST 12/13/21.
The proposed plan for tract H will add three additional road entrances onto West Ridges Boulevard in a very short distance in an area of the development that already has an entrance from Bella Mesa Court, Meridian, Lions Paw Court and Yellow Cat. Adding 3 additional entrances onto West Ridges Boulevard in such close proximity seems ill-advised from a safety and congestion perspective. We have an abundance of cyclists in Redlands Mesa as well as increasing car traffic from residents, golfers who live outside of the development, diners at the club restaurant and ongoing construction vehicles. We also have a growing number of golf carts that regularly use this stretch of West Ridges Boulevard. My family has lived at Lions Paw Court since 2017 so I can personally vouch for all of the above. In addition, there are existing blind spots around the Yellow Cat and Lions Paw Court access points caused by hill topography and landscape. Adding three more entrances in this short distance should be carefully considered before proceeding. We should not let a long known 12/31/21 ODP expiration date dictate a hurried recommendation by the Planning Commission and City Council. What congestion and safety analysis has been prepared to reassure residents? Why couldn’t the area be designed in a more thoughtful way to minimize the number of entrances onto Redlands Mesa Boulevard? And why wasn’t there public notice about the developer's sale of this parcel? I know several residents (including myself) who would have considered participating in the purchase of the parcel to keep it undeveloped. I understand the various motivations of the City and the owner of the golf course/restaurant to have this parcel developed. Both would prefer densification. For the City, densification helps make City services efficient. For the owner of the golf course/restaurant it helps optimize business profits. Both are reasonable motivations and could be achieved without adding 3 additional entrances. Lastly, having served on the HOA board of Redlands Mesa I am aware of developer efforts in 2020 to make further amendments to the ODP that would have measurably changed the character and density of the development and allow for short term rental properties such as VRBOs. As a result, I have concerns that a rushed extension of the ODP to 12/31/24 leaves an opportunity for further amendments that many residents in the development may find unappealing. I am opposed to extending the ODP to 12/31/24. I am not opposed to the proposed plan for Tract H EXCEPT for the number of entrances on this short distance of West Ridges Boulevard. I am grateful for the size of the lots and density that is being proposed by Mr. Milyard in Tract H. The existing Bella Mesa development has been well designed and construction has been professionally managed. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my family’s concerns.
December 11, 2021, 2:00 PM
Christy Turner
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