Approved - 7 to 0.

2858 C 1/2 Road Rezone

Case: RZN-2021-674
Consider a request by Dustin Gehrett, Member, on behalf of 2858 Investors LLC, to rezone 3.42 acres from R-4 (Residential - 4 du/ac) to R-8 (Residential – 8 du/ac) located at 2858 C ½ Road. Located at 2858 C 1/2 Road.
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Decision Making Criteria
Per Section 21.01.140 of the Zoning and Development Code, the Planning Commission and City Council shall base their decisions in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates the following criteria have been met:
(1)    Subsequent events have invalidated the original premises and findings; and/or
(2)    The character and/or condition of the area has changed such that the amendment is consistent with the Plan; and/or
(3)    Public and community facilities are adequate to serve the type and scope of land use proposed; and/or
(4)    An inadequate supply of suitably designated land is available in the community, as defined by the presiding body, to accommodate the proposed land use; and/or
(5)    The community or area, as defined by the presiding body, will derive benefits from the proposed amendment.

Comments & Feedback

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I HATE THE IDEA! HORRIBLE IDEA! Most of the houses in the White Willows Subdivision are zoned R4. Changing the zoning to R8 is inconsistent with anything in the area. The property is not on a main road and branches off the back of the White Willows Subdivision. The increased traffic would be on my quiet street where many kids play and could potentially be dangerous!  
December 13, 2021, 5:27 PM
Christina C.
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I am against the rezoning of this area. This is a quiet single home area with very little traffic. By putting in multi-family homes, it will increase traffic immensely, which currently there are a lot of children running around the neighborhood playing and crossing the streets. Also, if it is a multi-family zoning, the chances of building homes that can look down into another home does not bode well with my family. If it stays single family, and builds upon that, it would be similar to what we have and privacy would not be as much of an issue. I feel there is a reason it was zoned as it is, and therefore should not be changed just so someone can make more money building more on less.
December 13, 2021, 10:02 AM
Craig Ayers
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I am absolutely against rezone of our single family zoned neighborhood to multi family homes. This will cause more traffic into our neighborhood and increase risk for our kids. The increase in the amount of people can a bring an increase for potential crime and dangers of traffic. This also directly affects our home with the build being directly behind us. The privacy for our house will be affected and this is disconcerting. I don’t think the need for one builder to make more money should be a reason for a rezone. White willows has always been a quiet low crime neighborhood and I would like it to stay that way. I think I speak for a lot of us in this neighborhood and believe we should keep the zoning in this area as it is.
December 11, 2021, 1:13 PM
Lisa Samuelson
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