CMU Master Plan Amendment

Case: FMP-2021-279
Amend Ordinance 4754 amending the Institutional and Civic Facility Master Plan for Colorado Mesa University (CMU) to include a larger area for campus expansion to which administrative right-of-way vacations apply, Located at 1100 North Avenue.
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Staff Presentation


Development Application ( 1.7 MB )
Draft Ordinance ( 0.6 MB )
Staff Report ( 0.08 MB )
Decision Making Criteria
Per Section 21.02.190 (c) of the Grand Junction Zoning and Development Code, in reviewing a Master Plan or an amendment thereto, the decision-making body shall consider the following:  

(1) Conformance with the Comprehensive Plan and other area, corridor or neighborhood plans;
(2) Conformance with the Grand Valley Circulation Plan and general transportation planning requirements; 
(3) Adequate parking, adequate stormwater and drainage improvements, minimization of water, air or noise pollution, limited nighttime lighting and adequate screening and buffering potential;
(4) Adequacy of public facilities and services; and
(5) Community benefits from the proposal. 

Comments & Feedback

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Regarding the Notice of Public Hearing for the Colorado Mesa University Master Plan Amendment: I contacted Kristen Ashbeck, Planner, and through our conversation I came to understand that as CMU purchases properties and pursues vacating alleyways for their expansion projects that they are required to provide access to existing property owners. In constructing the new track facility we were left with an alley with no through traffic, making it difficult to access my alley garage and parking area with my truck and trailer as I had been able to do previously. I feel that the use of dead end alleys should be a last resort as anyone that finds themselves in the alley now must turn themselves around by trespassing on someone else's property or backing completely down the alley. As well, the city sanitation trucks have to back out now and access would be more difficult for a fire truck. Additionally, with no parking on Orchard, all those existing property owners like myself rely on alley access. I feel that in light of this that my access has already been compromised. I request that I be made aware of further changes that CMU may wish to implement that might affect my or my tenant's access. Brad Davenport, 817 Orchard Avenue.
June 17, 2021, 2:36 PM
Bradley G. Davenport
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Thank you for the timely presentation of CMU's request for amending the expansion plan. My major concern is parking. As the university has expanded , when school is in session, N 9th Street ( My family has lived here since 1991) becomes a parking lot. I'd like to hear and see how CMU is meeting this challenge. Steve Allerton 1945 N 9th Street.
June 15, 2021, 5:13 PM
Steve Allerton
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