Approved - 4 to 0.

Brookfield North III and IV Rezone

Case: RZN-2021-113
Consider a request by Senergy Builders, LLC to rezone 21.53 acres from an I-1 (Light Industrial) zone district to an R-5 (Residential - 5 dwelling units per acre) zone district, located at the northern 21.53 acres of 853 21 ½ Road.
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Decision Making Criteria

Per Section 21.01.140 of the Zoning and Development Code, the Planning Commission and City Council shall base their decisions in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates the following criteria have been met:

(1) Subsequent events have invalidated the original premises and findings; and/or

(2) The character and/or condition of the area has changed such that the amendment is consistent with the Plan; and/or

(3) Public and community facilities are adequate to serve the type and scope of land use proposed; and/or

(4) An inadequate supply of suitably designated land is available in the community, as defined by the presiding body, to accommodate the proposed land use; and/or

(5) The community or area, as defined by the presiding body, will derive benefits from the proposed amendment.

Comments & Feedback

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I am very disappointed that city government / planning originally rezoned this area as I-1 against local opposition back in 2006-2007 with the stated need for more industrial vacant land as there was an extreme shortage of industrial, now the same property is converted to residential. After adopting plans and standards for this area, compliance and enforcement of standards is left up to citizen complaints. When is the city going to quit treating 21 1/2 road like it is no-man's land and schedule resurface/rebuild of section from US 50 to H 1/2 and require that businesses quit using right of way as parking and staging areas (UPS/ Shamrock Foods). If more development keeps being allowed, then development/ city needs to improve access road - 21 1/2 was a decent road until sewer line was originally installed from before H Road to Bond St. and it only took three tries to install sewer line addition for first Brookfield development - has any study been done for adequacy of existing sewer line to handled additional development including this one and potential others, along with the gas line that was patched back together when damaged twice while installing sewer line. The high water table throughout this area is a major concern and disturbing the overburden while constructing sewer has changed some ground water flows patterns. There is also the irrigation lateral that is serving these developments that will need repairs and upgrades that nobody wants to help pay to do - including existing water users. (Rhone lateral has no existing water company as no quorum could be obtained). Maintenance on ditch is performed by a very few neighborly individuals. These are just some of the concerns that should be addressed before future development is allowed to continue forward.
April 10, 2021, 8:34 AM
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