Approved - 5 to 0.

Frog Pond Drainage Easement Vacation

Case: VAC-2021-75
Consider a request by the Applicant, Frog Pond LLC, to Vacate a Publicly Dedicated Drainage Easement Located at 2501 Monument Road as granted to the City of Grand Junction by Reception Number 2764922.
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Staff Presentation


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Development Application ( 4.84 MB )
Drainage Easement - Reception #2764922 ( 0.22 MB )
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Site Plan ( 1.54 MB )
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Decision Making Criteria

Per Section 21.02.100 of the Zoning and Development Code, before an easement or street right-of-way vacation is approved, the following determinations shall be made:

(1) The Comprehensive Plan, Grand Junction Circulation Plan and other adopted plans and policies of the City;

(2) No parcel shall be landlocked as a result of the vacation;

(3) Access to any parcel shall not be restricted to the point where access is unreasonable, economically prohibitive, or reduces or devalues any property affected by the proposed vacation;

(4) There shall be no adverse impacts on the health, safety, and/or welfare of the general community, and the quality of public facilities and services provided to any parcel of land shall not be reduced (e.g., police/fire protection and utility services);

(5) The provision of adequate public facilities and services shall not be inhibited to any property as required in Chapter 21.06 GJMC; and

(6) The proposal shall provide benefits to the City such as reduced maintenance requirements, improved traffic circulation, etc.

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Regarding 2501 Monument Road request by Frog Pond LLC to vacate a dedicated drainage easement located on the property at 2501 Monument Road and in a FEMA regulatory 100 flood year plane, an area that is prone to a regular flash flooding there is no question of if it will flood it is just when it will flood. If you the Planning Commission and City Council approve the 2501 Monument Road vacate, #1, will you require an adequate dollar deposit in the way of a bond or something that works by Frog Pond LLC to reimburse for damage to property and/or physical injury or death two people? #2: Why would any intelligent builder build in a known flood plain? Reference is September 7th 1978 flood that took out two bridges, a gas line, put three to four feet of filth in the log cabin on the 2501 Monument Road home and down the road another one that we helped dig out, plus deposited 3 to 4 feet of filth in our own yard at 2510 South Broadway. Home of Louis and Gilbert McClure. Why would anyone in their right mind approve it?

February 21, 2021, 8:52 PM
Louis McClure
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