Approved - 7 to 0.

Red Rocks Valley Planned Development Amendment

Case: PLD-2020-693
Consider a request by Conquest Homes, LLC and Surf View Development Company to amend the Red Rocks Valley Planned Development regarding phasing and home orientation.
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Staff Presentation


Development Application ( 5.34 MB )
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Decision Making Criteria

Per Section 21.02.150 of the Zoning and Development Code, the planning commission and city council shall base their decision in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates the following criteria have been met:

(i) The Comprehensive Plan, Grand Junction Circulation Plan and other adopted plans and policies;

(ii) The rezoning criteria provided in GJMC 21.02.140;

(iii) The planned development requirements of Chapter 21.05 GJMC;

(iv) The applicable corridor guidelines and other overlay districts in GJMC Titles 23, 24 and 25;

(v) Adequate public services and facilities shall be provided concurrent with the projected impacts of the development;

(vi) Adequate circulation and access shall be provided to serve all development pods/areas to be developed;

(vii) Appropriate screening and buffering of adjacent property and uses shall be provided;

(viii) An appropriate range of density for the entire property or for each development pod/area to be developed;

(ix) An appropriate set of “default” or minimum standards for the entire property or for each development pod/area to be developed;

(x) An appropriate phasing or development schedule for the entire property or for each development pod/area to be developed.

Comments & Feedback

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The lack of consideration for houses located north of the now vacant land where Conquest will be constructing homes is disconcerting as the building process is set to begin, When defoliation of that property took place last summer, the loose sand and bentonite were freed up and began to sandblast our front landscaping with every wind. The front third of this professionally xeriscaped yard is now buried under 2-3 inches of sand. The piles of loose dirt recently dumped in direct line with our house are being blown our way as well. If such lack of concern for neighboring properties is going to be the norm during construction, then this is going to make a lot of people very unhappy.
March 8, 2021, 5:08 PM
Karen Brennan
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Please see the attached letter and photos sent to the Planning Commission on January 5, 2021. I hope that the regulatory structure of the City of Grand Junction does not allow the right of a for-profit developer to build, to be held superior to the rights of neighborhood homeowners to realize the peaceful enjoyment of living in their own homes. Note: Software would only allow one file to be attached. Would not allow the nine photos of the January 5th letter.
March 7, 2021, 1:45 PM
Rudolph T. Textor
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Neighborhoods in this area of Grand Junction and Mesa County adjacent to South Camp Road and Monument Road are blessed with natural beauty; we have amazing natural rock formations and dark night skies and treasure these attributes. Placing houses and new streets is inevitable but we urge planners and developers to be sensitive to these natural values that are important not only to the local neighborhoods but also to all our citizens and visitors who come to admire such a remarkable place. For many of us, having no streetlights to mar the dark night sky is very important to our styles of living. Dark skies are being diminished everywhere; for us and for future generations let's minimize additional light to the night. The proposed neighborhood traffic entering South Camp Road on the very sight-limited curve seems excessively hazardous and we would not support such access. Traffic Engineers should get out here and personally try to dodge the westbound traffic as they walk across South Camp. To us, the construction of the proposed development on bentonitic rocks of the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation is unwise as these rocks, when watered and dried and watered and dried will expand and contract and heave and disrupt any solid surface development (i.e., foundations of homes, concrete gutters and pavements, and other hardscaping). The entire proposed development is on such rocks. Buyers beware! Thank you for the opportunity to comment. George and Judy Callison
March 5, 2021, 7:44 AM
George Callison
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